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irredentist (ir-i-DEN-tist) noun

One who advocates the recovery of territory culturally or historically related to one's nation but now subject to a foreign government.

[Italian irredentista, from (Italia) irredenta, unredeemed (Italy), Italian- speaking areas subject to other countries, feminine of irredento : in-, not (from Latin in-) + redento, redeemed, from Latin redemptus, past participle of redimere, to redeem.]

"It (China) is a rising regional power with irredentist claims on Taiwan, the Spratley Islands, and border areas abutting both Vietnam and India." The China Syndrome, The New Republic, 29 Mar 1999.

Ok, it is not a tooth word but I couldn't resist. Well, maybe an irredentist is one who advocates the recovery of lost teeth. -Anu (-;


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. -Haida Indian Saying

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