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Internet Anagram Server FAQ

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Are there any anagrams for all the letters in the English alphabet?

A sentence using all the letters of the alphabet is called a pangram. There are many pangrams 26 letters long:

Are there any real-life applications of the anagrams?

Check out the practical use of anagrams for a few suggestions.

I discovered this anagram for foobar. You've attributed it to John Doe?

Many times, an anagram is independently discovered by many people. We've listed it here because John Doe sent it to me and claimed the authorship of the anagram. If you've any dispute, please contact the person directly. We can't arbitrate in such matter. The best we can do it remove the disputed anagram from the site.

I discovered this cool anagram. Would you like to know?

You are welcome to send your anagrams. Please send them to us at email address (words AT wordsmith.org). If you'd like to get credit for an anagram, you must include following two statements in your message:
  1. I created this anagram.
  2. I'd like to get credit for this anagram.
In the absence of these statements, the anagram you submit will be attributed to the great anagrammer, Anonymous. Also see the previous question.

Due to high volume of messages we can't reply to you unless we feature your anagram here.

Where can I learn more about anagrams?

Larry Brash's anagram FAQ is quite useful.

Also, Amazon has many books on anagrams.

Can I get anagrams by email?

You can use the Anagram/by/Mail service from the wordserver to get the anagrams via email. Send a blank message with the word "help" in Subject line to wsmith@wordsmith.org to find out the details.

Can I link to the Internet Anagram Server?

Sure. You don't need anyone's permission to link to a Web page. Linking is what makes the Web work.

You may find this HTML code helpful in creating the link:

<a href="https://wordsmith.org/anagram/">Internet Anagram Server</a> 

I was looking for the anagrams for "xyz" and the server didn't give me "yzx".

The selection of valid words is done from a dictionary so if the dictionary doesn't have a word, it doesn't appear in the results. If you believe a word ought to be in our anagram dictionary, feel free to email it to us -- first make sure it's truly not in our dictionary.

How can I make long anagrams?

Try this free software from Mike Keith.

How can I solve this word puzzle?

Try these tools from Wolfram|Alpha.

How can I find out what words my phone number spells?

There are several phone-number-to-words converters available on the Web. Try dialabc.com or phonespell.org.

Thanks to Evans Criswel, Rupesh Nasre, and others for contributing to the Internet Anagram Server in various ways.

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