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A Story in Anagrams

by Daniel Cohen

"Hi, Noel. Dance?" asked Edna.
"Hi, Edna Clone," Noel said sweetly, then, looking around to make sure no could hear, whispered, "Alec hid neon." Edna's face turned sanguine.
"Old canine, he," she hissed.
Sensing Edna's ire, Noel attempted consolation, "I held one can!"
But this didn't seem to douse Edna's anger. Quickly, she added "None had lice!" But Edna continued to scowl. Noel stood quietly until Edna suddenly burst.
"Lance hid one!" she shouted, and looked at Noel for her reaction. Slowly, Noel realized the implications of this.
"Inane clod, he!" she howled. Before she could go into any depth of why this was significant, Lance walked through the door. Before Noel could stop her, Edna walked briskly over to him. He was accompanied by Helen, who Edna called, "Helen on acid." Quite indignantly, before Lance could acknowledge her presence, she blurted, "ONE led China." Lance looked at her sideways, but quickly realized that she was implying that she was the boss. His smiled turned to a frown quite quickly. Helen looked at Lance, and quickly looked at Edna.
"I...Lance...he'd...NO!" she managed to cry before running away in horror.
"Holden Caine..." Lance started to say before Edna cut him off with a raised hand. She only managed to say, "Ha! Decline? NO!" She then turned her back on Lance forever and walked away. Lance started after her. She wouldn't recognize him, but he spoke anyway, "Can he do Neil? I can do Helen!" Noel intercepted Lance and motioned for him to leave. He slithered out quietly. Noel watched Lance leave, then approached Edna from behind to give her a hug.
Noel thought one of her favorite proverbs to be quite appropriate at this time, "Each den lion..." she began, but Edna gently put her hand over Noel's mouth. She smiled sweetly, and was about to kiss him when her eyes got as big as silver dollars.
She pointed behind Noel and screeched, "Clad he, in one!" Noel then whipped herself around.
"Coed linen!?!? Ha!" Noel managed to say before falling over laughing. Cain stood in his towel with the name Noah on it. He looked depressed. Both Edna and Noel realized that their friend had finally gone all the way with Noah. Asking Cain where he'd done the deed, he replied, "Ad Hoc Eel Inn". It was then that the three of them looked at each other and said in unison, "Decline Noah." The three of them then laughed and hugged and continued to play with the Internet Anagram Server.


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