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Long anagrams by Pinchas Aronas

Anagrams by Master Anagrammer Pinchas Aronas

Russian revolution = No evil ruinous tsar

Basic = is ABC

Hot water = Worth tea

A palindrome = Dipolar name

Enough! = Huge NO!

The cougar = or Huge cat

Alibi = I bail

Oscar statue = To ace US star

Spermicide = I crimp seed

The Titanic disaster = Death, it starts in ice

Egalitarian = Anti-regalia

Singer Maria Callas = All screaming arias

The Cuban cigars = Thus, a big cancer

Claustrophobia = Car, ship, loo - tabu

Painter Fernand Leger = Prefer 'Engine Land' art

Sir Stanley Matthews = Means star with style

Crime novelist = Trims violence

Diego Maradona = An arm? Good idea!

The pornographic websites = It's her boring peep show act

Last wish = This's law = With lass

Fashion designer = Fine rig and shoes = Oh, gain fine dress!

The astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus = Space motion: our Earth circles Sun, no? = Space's our home. I learn construction.

The Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot = New chemists often active out there, in Zion = A home of true Zetetics & new inventions itch
[Zetetic - a seeker]

'Something' = I'm THE song

Progeria = Prior age

The famous American actor Charlie Chaplin = On air, the small chap of true archaic cinema

Olympiad = I do my lap

Actor Sylvester Stallone = Very cool talentless star

God is everywhere = WORD giver, he eyes!

Great city of London = Root city of England = No clarity, fog noted

'Aerosmith' = More A hits

Certainly not = Can't rely on it

Chairman Gates = A magnate's rich

Charles Darwin's theory of evolution = Soul of vital, narrow, chosen heredity

Miss Serena Williams = Win slam, smile arises

The video camera = A home art device

Actor Sidney Poitier = One Oscar. 'Pity, I tried!'

The Costa Brava region of Spain = Anchoring of private sea-boats

Generalissimo = Legions, armies

Waitresses = Er, we assist

Bermuda triangle = Mirage & brutal end

Parodist = I do parts

Sir Lancelot and Guinevere = Intrigues can end real love

Spanish senorita = She's not Parisian

The group 'Guns'n'Roses' = Ogre runs up the songs

Hebrew University of Jerusalem = Sure, our very able Jewish men fit

Great Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' = or Versed Italian man's 'La Gioconda' = 'La Gioconda'. As normal, rates -DIVINE = One arrant diva's smile - 'La Gioconda'

William Westmoreland = Well, solid wartime man = I will lead war moments

To cast pearls before swine = Can refer to possible waste

Singer Billy Ocean = Really sonic being

Painter Michelangelo Buonarroti = Heart into marble or upon a ceiling

Carte blanche = Cancel the bar

The aftermath of Katrina = Take that hat off, mariner

The Gambino family = Might be Mafia only

...and they lived happily ever after = Delivered that very happy finale

Arctic expedition = An exotic iced trip

Michel Salgado = He'd claim goals

Actor Robin Williams = Clown or a bit similar

Motion picture 'A beautiful mind' = Delirium but a fine computation

Greenwich station = Whence I got trains

Confessional = On scale of sin

French composer Claude Achille Debussy = A bunch of classic cheery model preludes

Actress Maria Schneider = Dame is a rich screen star

The French riots = Torch, then fires

Riots in French capital = Conflict in Paris heart

Private detective Sherlock Holmes = Let's harm the evil deceptive crooks!

The true meaning of Christmas = Feast & other charming minutes = She for using time at merchant = Unearth gifts & memories, chant... = Cherish a great moment, it's fun!

South American countries = He came to tour Inca's ruins

Actor Louis De Funes = Fatuous screen-idol

The famous animator Walt Disney = Author of tiny sweet/mad animals

The Golden Globe Awards Ceremonial = Other adorable cinema legends glow

'Ivanhoe' by Sir Walter Scott = His best war-atrocity novel = Brave hero in a costly twist = Best historic novel (art way) = War-taste by historic novel

A sore throat = Orators hate

The Simpson's cartoons = Spastic Homer, snot son...

Poltergeist = It spelt 'ogre'

The President of the United States of America George Walker Bush = A gangster from the White House undertakes debate-free politics

Heathrow Airport, London = Rain? Hop to another world!

Actress Sienna Rose Miller = Star in lesser cinema roles

William Henry Gates = Get a share in my will! = My wealth real, I sign = My wealth is in large = Largely, I with means = Regally, I with means

Princess Stephanie of Monaco = In casino, perhaps? Comes often

The Apartheid = Hit, rape, death

'Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth' = Human, fill this planet further. Reputably, indeed.

The girl of your dreams = Must glorify & adore her

Mother's Day cards = Cross my heart, Dad.

Scum of the Earth = Term of such hate

British Airways = Brits & Irish away!

Christians, Muslims and the Jews = Jerusalem stands within schism

The singer Little Richard = Recreated thrilling hits

'Murder on the Orient Express' by Agatha Christie = Examine it. It's death, horror, passenger-butchery.

A somersault = Use arms a lot

The actress Meryl Streep = Respect her master style

Hyundai Entourage = Genuine hardy auto

A night to remember = The big rare moment

Mideast = Mad site

A motor vehicle = Oil the car & move

A person morbidly concerned with his health = Er...man bothered with illness? Hypochondriac!

Carnegie Hall in New York city = I hear concert. Likely yawning

Stanley Laurel and Oliver Hardy = 'Heavy and Lean' is ultra-drollery!

(Kirk Douglas) Issur Danielovitch Demsky = Hick is suddenly movie star

There is no God but Allah = Slaughter, hate in blood

Espaniol = Ole, Spain!

'The weakest link' = Think, talk...we see.

Whitney Elizabeth Houston = Is not white, hazel...but honey!

I am terrible with names = Wait, remember! Hi, Stalin!

General Augusto Jose Ramon Pinochet Ugarte = Generates pogrom, outrageous Chilean junta

The spirit board = Prohibited arts

Middle Eastern nations = Nested in mad relations = Latin? No, darned semites!

Beatles 'Yellow submarine' = We'll be in a stormy blue sea

Ehud Olmert reaches out to the Palestinians = Ruler has hinted solution to the M.East peace

Ehud Olmert reaches out to Palestinians = Solution to the peace in M.East - hard rules

Penis enhancement surgeries = Nurse, get me spare nine inches!

The President of the Russian Federation = Sir Putin, he's head in 'not-free-of-Red' state

The Apple Macintosh = Machines apt to help

The narcolepsy = Nap costly here = Not chary sleep = Oh, nap secretly! = Lot 'cheery' naps

Israeli government = Naive Olmert, resign!

'Oliver Twist' by Charles Dickens = Accents British kid so very well

Muslims face increasing 'Islamophobia' in Europe = I'm Arab, I feel repugnance, omission impious clash

Eve Ensler's 'The vagina monologues' = Loose heroine's vulva engagements

English children's books author Beatrix Potter = Can explore old kin stories through the rabbits

'Travels into several remote nations of the word, in four parts, by Lemuel Gulliver, first a surgeon, and then a captain of several ships'
Adventures of noble Gulliver in different countries - arrival to short people state (war-maven) , Giants... hopes, traumas, finally - horses
[The original title of Gulliver's Travels] Actor Stephen Glenn Martin = Prattling man on the screen = Acting person. Enthralment

The professional dancers = Share floor and nice steps

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy = i.e. Giant spire on the way to fall

A pressure mounts on Olmert to resign = Israel: No sneers, our ortten PM must go

Martin Scorsese's 'The Departed' = The 'Desires Oscars' department = Masterpiece herds noted stars

Sinbad The Sailor = Listen his 'Abroad!' = Islander & his boat = This old sea-brain

Madonna Louise Ciccone = Nice music and a cool one!

Kabbalistic = Is 'black' a bit

The Asian = Ah, in East!

Mary Wollstonecraft = Normally, wrote facts

Suicides = Cuss, I die!

Human genetic code = Get choice, menu - DNA

'The hunchback of Notre Dame' written by Victor Hugo = Great French book, vetoed mutant boy within church

Love and Eroticism = No more civil dates

Addition = AND, idiot!

Members of Parliament = A PM Blair & some fret men = PM T. Blair & fearsome men = Amoral men, fibs, temper

Captain Nemo = Ocean-pit man

Writer Boris Leonidovich Pasternak = Historical prose, evident brainwork

Is there intelligent life on Mars? = Those infirm little green aliens?

The little green aliens = Real intelligent, these!

The Walt Disney Parks = Wealthy parents' kids

The film actress Sophia Loren = Oh, she a perfect millions star!

Godless dollar = A lordless gold
[there is no 'In God we trust' on it]

Confiture = Once fruit

Rossini's 'The barber of Seville' = Irresistible shaver of nobles

The arhythmias = Hah, it's my heart!

Bacon, artist = Abstraction

Actress Uma Thurman = Human trusts camera

Bush administration = Is brutish damnation

The erection = To entice her

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun = Blond Frau had an evil rat

Compensation = On past income

The tornado destroys Kansas town = No roads and estates, thrown to sky

The Kalahari desert = Heat, real death-risk

Walt Disney,'The Lion King' = Ain't the kids yelling now!

Livres = Silver

The 'Live Earth' concerts = Recent vocal hits there

Model Paris Hilton = Poor mind is lethal

Pentagon leaders' ambition = End to Palestinian embargo

His harem = Share him

Suite 'Pictures at an exhibition' = Hear it, it is nice tunes about pix

Eating kosher = Seeking Torah = Eager to knish

Federal Republic of Germany = Friendly place for a beer-mug

Walt Disney's movie 'The Lion King' = Moving! Now all tiny kids see it, eh?

This great nation of ours = O, (for the ignorant) it's USA!

Hideous man = In madhouse

Diego = i.e. God

Hurricane Flossie = Careful, is inshore! = Oh, insure life, cars!

Michael Praetorius = I hear real top music

Sting and 'The Police' = Taped nice long hits = This poetic England!

Osama Bin Laden urges Americans to convert = Once again a 'reverent' Muslim on broadcasts

Singer Luciano Pavarotti = Curtains to a living opera = Top, raising, natural voice = On air pure, giant vocalist

Siad Barre = Arab is Red

Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, California = Broad long avenue traces false illusions

Beautiful woman = But I am awful one!

The Ebola viruses = Those abuse liver

Noriega = I an ogre

Roadside bombing in Baghdad = Odd Arabs did 'big bang' in home

Maccabi 'Elite' Tel-Aviv = Civil, active, able team

Forty two thousand and one hundred ninety five meters = Defines marathon run. Not thy event, dud - is not for weedy!

Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger = A master hero, worrying partner, gal - learned hoyden

Free online dating service = Easier love-finding center

James Fenimore Cooper = Rejoice, me man of prose! = Major income - prose-fee

'The last of the Mohicans' = O, that man! He's lost chief

Fenimore Cooper's 'The Last of The Mohicans' = O, some poor ethnic chief - feathers man - lost!

Great Wheel of China = Now face real height!

Bhutto under house arrest in Pakistan = Aha, thanks to ruinous brute president!

World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse = I feverishly plan to watch & defend our brood = Oh, pederasty not rich love! Awful, forbidden! = Wonderful pathfinder to avoid lechers, boy!

Very nice! = Even I cry!

President Omar Al-Bashir = P.S. Arab is a modern Hitler

'Charlie and The Chocolate Factory' = The children each try a lot of cacao

Christopher Bryan Moneymaker = Boy's poker-myth, earner, rich man

Escaped tiger kills man in SF zoo = So, king-sized animal left corpse

The Indian reservation = Oh, retain Red Natives IN!

Gwen Renee Stefani = A fine 'n' sweet genre

Diana, The Princess = Cheap and sinister?

Disdain = Did a sin?

Experimentations = Strip, examine, note = Exam entire points

Sexually transmitted disease = Tenet: mixed lays result as AIDS

'Oprah Winfrey Network' = Ratify her known power

Coteries = O, I secret!

Greek hero Achilles = Reck, sir! Go heal heel!

'Rolling Stones' band = Real, not blind songs

A pioneer neurologist Sigmund Freud = Grip genuine, rude solution of dreams

Real sex = Relaxes

Spontaneous = Put no season

Breach of promise = Boors, I'm free chap!

Alexander the Great = Dare that ex-general

Memories of Italy = So I, my life at Rome

The female orgasms = Her most false game

Composer Claude Achille Debussy = Cosy, coddle, pleasurable music, eh!

'The flight of the bumble bee' by N. Rimsky-Korsakov = Best flying rhythm took from beehive. Skulk, babe!

Megabytes = By me (Gates)

The stratagem = Gee! smart, that! = That gamester!

The sadomasochist = So, I do the 'smash' act

Schumacher = Cars chum, eh?

Bruce Springsteen = Creep brings tunes

Orchitis = O, sir, itch! = Oi, Christ!

Little Red Riding Hood = O, Lord! The nit girl died?!

Goldilocks and the three bears = Her snack good as her little bed

Renault Chamade = A cruel death, man!

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas = No happiness at Middle East - I numb Arab

Cabernet Sauvignon = Consent in vague bar

Marlborough Galleries = All rooms huger, real big!

Electric Light Orchestra = Recollect rich, great hits

The latex condoms = Man clothed to sex

Robert Schumann = Born-charm tunes

The late Antonio Stradivari = Attained that so rare violin

Yellow pages = We sell, go pay

Los Angeles, California = No angels, local fairies

Cholesterol = Cell-shooter

Hyundai Accent GT = Naughty accident

Denigration = Die, ignorant!

The prostate gland = That spot enlarged

Christina Applegate = Her act? It's appealing! = It's her acting appeal

The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation = I ship our 'motion hit' - best motor cars

Conspirator = Rat, scorpion = I spot rancor

An Oedipus complex = Ma & son? O, Cupid, expel!

Christopher Columbus = Such trip, such bloomer!

Ulcer = Cruel

Charles De Gaulle = Such legal leader

Chinese restaurant = Run, taste ashen rice

Adam and Eve = Even a Ma & Dad

Loneliness = Ill oneness

Narcissism = Man's crisis

I want to be your Valentine = Attention, I buy a new lover

Paris Marathon = Sport-mania. Rah!

The Mountain of Parnassus = An Athens famous top ruins

Common slip of the tongue = The fouling comment -'Oops!'

Famous director Steven Spielberg = Best films producer. So generative!

Physicist Sir Isaac Newton = So sharp (in scientistic way)

The Argentinian singer Carlos Gardel = Ah, legend! Real tango star! Nice ring, sir.

The equivalent = Halt, quite even!

Hooliganism = Ooh, is malign! = Oh, I so malign!

Man can not live by bread alone = My blot - I need banana, veal, corn...

The ampersand = Here AND stamp

Extraterrestrial invader = Star-rider, extravert alien

Italian duce Benito Mussolini = Noisome built-in lunatic ideas

Demission = I done, miss

Poet Thomas Stearns Eliot = i.e. has some top-sort talent = His talent rates poems too

Dame Agatha Christie = Crime-death saga. A hit. = I head that crime-saga

Admiral Nelson = Droll man in sea

Admiral Horatio Nelson = To mainland - sailor & hero = It an old sailor man & hero

The Eurovision Song Contest = Oh, singers & contentious vote!

Singer Michael Bolton = The nice rambling solo = Ah, nice trembling solo = O, chosen, brilliant gem!

Peter Shilton = The sport line = Post...three-nil!!!

Arsenal Football Club = Bores all but local fan

Boston Wanderers = Born sores... and wet

Manchester City = Yes, cretin, match!

Manchester City Football Club = Soccer, but bit melancholy, flat

Love is in the air = Etherial vision

The wishbone = Oh, bet he wins!

Bolivian President Carlos Mesa = Damn, I act so irresponsable, evil!

Carlos Mesa = Some rascal

Chamber music = Bach! mum cries

Police = Cop lie

Mercy = Me cry

Rod Stewart = Treat words

Singer Rod Stewart = Insert great words = Testing rare words

Bristol = Lo, Brits!

Israeli general Moshe Dayan = Is a real one-eyed largish man

Singer Whitney Houston = She young, hot. It's winner!

The Sony Playstation = Nations play the toys

Chernobyl, Ukraine = Bear only rich nuke

Enuresis = I see runs

The marriage counseling = Egomaniacs ruling there

Actor Michael Landon = Calm, land-action hero

The famous vampire Count Dracula = 'A human-computer' of vascular diet

Miss Venus Williams = Mum is evil lass; wins

The millionaire Steve Fossett = O, his interests - love, title, fame!

Tom Cruise = I'm sore, cut!

The morning-after pills = Timing. Hell for parents

Actress Sharon Stone = One 'stars chosen' star

The American actress Demi Moore = Other sacred memories at cinema

A feminist = Finest aim = i.e. Fits man

Montessori = I set morons

The Champions League finals = Face up, English men also a hit!

Separate = See, apart!

Sinecure = Insecure?

Bosnia = No bias = So, I ban

Wilt Chamberlain = Recall - I'm with NBA

Adroitness = In trades so

Angel of death = Fatal end, eh? Go!

Piece of mozzarella = Free meal - pizza! Cool!

Revolution in Russia = It's Lenin, our saviour

Dolce far niente = Entrance of idle = Near deflection

Act of God = Good fact?

Spanish painter El Greco = His art - apple-green icons

Painter Francisco De Goya = Aspire good, nice, fancy art

Walpurgis night = Hags twirling up

Bermuda shorts = Red rash to bums = Stores hard bum = Read -"Bum shorts'

The Federal Republic of Germany = My forgathered peaceful Berlin = Life of much large pedantry & beer = Peaceful? Bad energy from Hitler

Suicide thoughts = Got such...'Thus I die'

Lucy in the sky with diamonds = What idyl! Dinky, honest music!

Shine on you crazy diamond = Yon I hear odd zany music, no? (yon - yonder, there)

Virulence = Cruel vein

Dance parties = Trained paces?

Henri Matisse = See star in him

Singer Charles Aznavour = Vulgarizes rare chanson

The presidential elections = He needs political interest

The Australian boomerang = A real bargain to some hunt

Martin Scorsese = Sir, on set, scream! = Some nicer stars = Cinema or stress = i.e. Crass monster = O sir, smart scene! = A most 'Sir Screen'

The Boston strangler = Er...best 'n' long throats

Albert Desalvo = Bad, revels a lot

Mafioso = So, I'm oaf

Andrew Gigante = We trained gang

Gigante = Gang tie

Arthur Gary Bishop = I harsh, abrupt, gory

The Confederations Cup = Audience fetch on sport = Then top soccer - fun idea

The Confederations Cup finals in Germany = Flamy Argentinian soccer often punished

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind = Moon. Spoken as man from Planet Earth nails a tinted flag

Sinecure = Nice, sure

Chronic fatigue syndrome = If my dear resting on couch = I charge more dysfunction

The decision to marry = Erotic man, he so dirty!

Territorial army and volunteer reserve = Relevant military used over near terror = Really trained maneuver over terrorist

Victor Hugo's novel 'Les Miserables' = Covers big masses revolution. Hell = Scriber to involve homeless Gauls

Opportunity = Option up, try (or vice versa)

The night before Christmas = Rich mother's gifts beneath

Pastiche = It's cheap

Spanish flamenco = Oh, man's fine claps!

Pedro Almodovar = Poor loved drama

To err is human = Is true, no harm

Salacity = Is lay-act

Salaciousness = Also sauciness

Customers = Store-scum

Translation - Oral & instant (as in speech of someone)

Symphony orchestra = P.S. Easy croon rhythm

Bloodthirstiness = Bold, hot sinisters

The family tree = My elite father

Family tree = Rate my life

Chevrolet Optra = Revel, hot top car!

Congratulations = To signal our cant

The best music and lyrics = Run mythic Beatles discs

Purchase = Pure cash

Magazine = I gaze, man

Act naturally = Actually: rant!

Singer Kylie Minogue = I like money, I snugger

Hellas = As Hell

Michel De Nostradamus = Dreams. Much details? No! = Had some incult dreams = Had inmost-clue-dreams

Composer Peter Cornelius = or One proper select music

Doctor Kurt Waldheim = Demur that wild crook! = I mocked Old War truth

Emotionally involved = Love? I'm not in love, lady!

A blot on the landscape = Had spot on clean table = Clean had notable spot = A spot on the bald-clean

The ideal woman = Want ideal home

A seductress = Crude assets

William Butler Yeats = Subtle wily material = I write, but all measly

Felicity Huffman = Fluffy cinema hit

The philosopher Immanuel Kant = Oh, people, I'm last human-thinker!

Lady Caroline Lamb = I morally balanced

B. Shaw's 'Pygmalion' = Bow, smashing play!

Peter James Crouch = Act here, jump, score = Jump, care the score = The pure 'soccer-jam' = The soccer & a jumper

The forensic pathologist = I go into that corpse flesh

Admirable? = I'm real bad!

The consonant = A? No, no! H, N, S, T, etc.

A Middle East's arm race = Mad tale, dire massacre

Don't cry for me Argentina = Tragedy. An inner comfort

The author Ernest Hemingway = O, there naughty man! He writes

Miss Hillary Rodham Clinton = O snot! I'll marry childish man! = I still honor my man - lad's rich!

The Boeing seven-eight-seven Dreamliner = Tried? Is never seen high above, gentlemen!

The New Hardee's Monster Thickburger = Shocking murderer between the trash

Le tour de France = Tend lure of race

Iran: No secret arms deal with Syria = No crisis. We hate and martyr Israel = Strain war-machine! Destroy Israel!

The airports warned about terror dry runs = True worry. Hard to insure bared transport

South Korean hostage killed by Taliban = Kinky Arabs held Asian... He got bullet too

Bush and Brown seek to establish rapports = That workable partnership bounds bosses

Gesticulations = It's to signal, cue

Silence is golden = Lies need closing

The first love = Vet, life short! (vet - to subject to thorough examination or evaluation)

Venial = An evil

The dipsomaniac = I am a pinched sot = Cheap mind, I a sot

The soused = He used sot

The soaker = He rake, sot

Shakespeare, the Immortal Bard = His poems remarkable, read that

Documentary 'Arctic tale' = Not act, ice-drama, cruelty = Accent to truly ice-drama = One-act dramatic cruelty

The chairman Mao Tse Tung = Giant man? Scum o' the Earth! = Chinese man taught - 'To arm!'= 'Nag', he communist at heart

Urethritis = Ire...it hurts!

Ecstasy = Say 'Sect' (not a drug)

Michel De Nostradame = The mind-made oracles = Search and model time = Oracles, I demand them! = Clear mind, do the same! = Let him dream a second = Alchemist dreamed on = Had time-clone dreams

Prophet Michel de Nostradame = Hah, I prompt demented oracles!

Thespian, the greatest of all = 'Salt' of the pleasing theatre

Green dollar = General Lord

Vinaigrette = Tang, I veer it

Famous Big Ben is being silenced for the maintenance = O, Britain's time-machine enfeebled; confuses banging!

The actress Marilyn Monroe = Screen-honey, immortal star = Tersely, she romantic Norma = 'Salty', secret-man in her room = Rather solemn cinema-story

Napoleon = One on Alp

Soichiro Honda = Hi, I on car's hood! = Ooh... and I so rich!

Roman gladiator = Lad got an armor, I = Lad in toga? Armor!

Calista Flockhart = Lo, flat chick - a star!

First Congregational Church in Neosho, Missouri = Horrific gun shooting. Micronesian secular shot

Southampton FC = O, match's top fun!

David, king of Israel = I advise folk in drag

The Premier Tony Blair = Horribly intemperate = Me? I terrible, phony, rat = Or...Pity, he terrible man

Solomon, The King of Israel = Look 'Throne families', 'Song' = Look for mine hot sign - 'seal' = Male's in song of hit-looker

"The Birmingham Symphony Orchestra = Charming rhythm, best harmony & poise

The Yucatan Peninsula = A sunny ethnic plateau

Ryan Seacrest = Say, screen-art

Kimberly Elise Trammel = Remember me? I talk silly

The director Steven Spielberg = It brightest screen developer

Rocco Francis Marchegiano = A ring-icon coach arms force

The Great Britain = Giant tribe & earth

Eight thousand eight hundred forty eight meters = Height of highest mount. Tens dare, get hurt, dry & die

Samuel Pack Elliott = Like lout pal? Cast me!

Sam Pack Elliott = I'll make top acts

The University of Notre Dame = Even I in to study there for MA

Yellow Magic Orchestra = Create show, claim glory

The Olympus Digital Camera = Picture may halt old images = Aha, my gal, old-time pictures! = Aptly 'caught' & 'laid' memories = Aim - replay 'caught' old-times

The Lamborghini 350 GT = Bring that, go 530 mile/h!

Lamborghini Murcileago LP640 Roadster = The prim, long, glorious & admirable car = I 'pert', admirable, glorious, long car. 460 m/h

The Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe = Ah, Latin Blood Glamor! Huge price!"

The Lamborghini Countach = Long machine, but oh!, car - hit!

Fantastic = Ain't facts

George Frideric Handel = Hear glorified genre CD

'Who wants to live forever ? = No sweat! Revolver? How fit!

The movie star = Votes rate him = Rave, 'I the most!'

Advocatus Diaboli = To a bad vicious lad

An orgasmic release = Scream, a large noise = Scream as eager lion = Agree, a lion's scream! = Er...scream analogies

Arabian horse = He is Arab roan

A blessing in disguise = Gauge bliss inside sin

TV show,'American Idol' = Admire now vocal hits = Hear now timid vocals = or 'New maids vocal hit'

The American Idol TV Show = There domain with vocals = Hear mild voices... whatnot!? = Watch hard emotions. LIVE!"

Henriette, the hurricane = Hit uncertain. Here? There?

The Mosque in Karbala = Arabs kneel to HIM (qua)

The Acropolis = Ooh, past relic! = Relics. A photo? = Oh, a relic tops! = Oh, lost a price! = O, sir, 'hot place'! = Heroical spot

The Athens Acropolis = Aha, protect holiness! = Oh, chapel is stone-art!

Chevrolet Savana = Have 'Real-Cost' van

Haruomi Hosono = Ooh, harmonious!
Ryuichi Sakamoto = A hit or 'okay' music
(musicians from Yellow Magic Orchestra)

The late George Harrison = O, he hot! Great, real singer

The Bin Laden's video = Evil Bin, he's not dead!

The male reproductive system = There is matey 'love-duct' & sperm = Testicle have duty - more sperm

Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature = To save there affluent heritage - original tongue, lyrics and prose = Here to help save original 'tangy' dialects for future generations

A message from Sheikh Osama Bin Laden to the American people = Pentagon: See this mad fool Arab peacemaker's lie. Shame on him!

The Colosseum, Italy = Oh, stately Coliseum!

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy = Oh, clearly, I momentous site! = Here it 'Socially Momentous' = Timeless 'monolith' you care = Some local ruins (the moiety)

'Treasure Island' by Robert Louis Stevenson = Story about never reassured billions-nest = Notably unarrested, true silver-obsession = Unrest, troubles, banditry on overseas isle

City of Los Angeles = Gents say 'Cool life! = 'To fly eagles' (coins)

Indonesia = 'Nodi' in sea
(nodi pl. of node - A knob, knot, protuberance)

Save money, live better = Very vital beseem note = Believe monetary vets = Interest evolve? Maybe
(Wal-Mart's new slogan)

Manuel Noriega = I rule & manage, no?

Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno = No analogue to mean moron in ire

Sudan Ebolavirus = Bad (usual version)

Reston Ebolavirus = A troubles version

Arnold George Dorsey alias Engelbert Humperdinck = I recorded really deep, glum, heartbreaking songs, no? = I merely produced general old heartbreaking songs

The Rocky Mountains = My, one hot track in US! = County to hikers, man = Many think to course = Ah, country to ski, men!

Nessiteras rhombopteryx = By experts: No-harm stories = I pry best hoaxers monster
(Scientific name of Loch Ness monster)

Justin Timberlake = Trim junkie bleats

Myanmar troops hunt pro-democracy protesters = Army cops try to 'reap' & punch more demonstrators

North Korea agrees to disable main nuclear facility = America finally gathered nukes-reactor's abolition

A strangulation = Lungs - 'No air!'...Ta ta!

The Major League Soccer = Just cool game + career, eh?

Short Message Service = It charges some verses

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? - Lady Marmalade = O, my 'crazed' chivalrous audacious lover came! Love me!

Madeira = I am dear = I a dream

The London Ambulance Service = Men have concerned about ills

The 'Olympiakos' Piraeus = Sport is a key, 'hale opium'

Dungeons & Dragons = God, no sun & dangers!

C(do), D(re), E(mi), F(fa), G(sol), A(la), B(si) = I add basic formal solfege = ...did a basic formal solfege

Doris Lessing = Is golden, sirs!

The Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation = Utilitarian speedy succor to harm, no?

Southern California's sprawling wildfires = Afwul, rising, wild Inferno strips real chaos

Southern California wildfires = Ah, worried officials silent run! = Arnold with officials reinsure

Southern California = Oh, arson, lunatic fire!

The California's Desert = It's real, fierce, hot sand

Thomas Gerard Tancredo = Rah, danger to democrats!

Edouard Manet = O, 'nude' dame art!

Edouard Manet, impressionist = Is some nude maiden's portrait

The famous pianist Richard Clayderman = Hefty & ardent, harmonic & paradisal music

A modern romance = CD 'Enamor, Enamor'

The long hair = Ah, on the girl!

Umpire = I'm pure = Impure?

The actor Mel Gibson = The combating roles = The acting bloomers = O, matching best role! = Blame Christ, not ego

Medical prescription = Receipt rids complain?

A severe punishment = Vehement pains. Sure

A punishment = Insane thump = I spent human = U pen this man = Pain hunts me

Splendiferous = So refined, plus = Nudes profiles

A contradiction in terms = Concern: Smart ain't Idiot

Hugo Almeida = A goal due him

The Venetian adventurer Giovanni Giacomo Casanova = Ooh, 'suave' on a virgin, on a vacant dame, a teen-virgin, etc.

Online dating service = Evidencing relations

Eastern Congo = On green coast = Green coast, no?

The National Geographic Society = So, a photogenic cheating reality

The fascist Walter Richard Rudolf Hess = Fetid worthless rascal, fetid harsh cur = A retch! This world suffered this rascal = Fuhrer's-addict thief, worthless rascal

'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man' = By aim - to flatten land

Kurdish rebels = Elder Bush-'Risk!'

The Taliban insurgent = He unstable intrigant

The Taliban insurgents = Able in anti-US-strength

The crackdown could fuel Islamic insurgency in Pakistan = Musharraf's killin' induce condign new pious-attack-cycle

A television writers strike = Is trite? Real sensitive work!

A Writers Guild votes to strike = Disuse o' TV glitterati & workers

Composer Ludwig van Beethoven = Hove top new music. Bravo! Legend! = Have proved - belong to new music

Barbara West Dainton = Was in bad, errant boat
(the second-to-last survivor of Titanic)

More violence in Pakistan = Police makes nation riven

Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull = Ah, join lucky H. Ford seeking distant lost mean land!

'Moonlight shadow' = Old hit among show

Dancing with the stars = Winners had tight acts

Show 'Dancing with the stars' = Test's hard. Which tango wins?

Motor City named nation's most dangerous = Detroit: Nasty crimes amount's no good, man

Bush says Mideast peace talks worth the risks = Such shaky worthless debates is trap, mistake

The Annapolis conference = None chance for Palestine = Here connection & safe plan = Once free nations can help = Oh, fine plan to Renascence! = Once foes, therein can plan = In there, once foes, can plan = Neat chance for open lines = Planners of neaten choice = Hence, foes learn not panic

Bush urges additional AIDS money = Mind out disease or badly anguish!

Suspect in trouble before hostage drama = L. Eisenberg spoofs that Democrat bureau

A Hothouse Effect = Oh see, cut off heat!

A Greenhouse effect = Create huge offense

Wiltshire couple Robert and Deborah Fry = Cruel part: drowned for their 'holy babies'
(drowned saving their children)

The cauldron = Lunch to dear

Angina pectoris = Sore, acting pain = Giant sore & panic = O, creating pains!

Giuseppe Mercadante = Pen a deep great music = Unpaged masterpiece

A Harley Davidson motorcycle's = A dandy or classy motor vehicle

The Harley Davidson motorcycle = Smooth vehicle? Contrary, deadly!

Harley Davidson Motorcycles = Ooh, randy cyclists love, dream! = Dandy or classy motor vehicle

That Chinese ball = This can be lethal!

Elvis Aaron Presley = Say, real, live person? = I say, -' Please, love RNR! [Rock'N'Roll]

'I got my mind set on you' = My dingy emotions out

'Super Mario Brothers' video game = Our improved image - Brats-Heroes

The Golden Compass = Most glanced hopes

Robert Hawkins = Broken wraiths = Be warn, hot risk!

The Will Smith's Motion picture 'I am legend' = Hero meets well hiding impolitic mutants

Jehovah's Witnesses = Have "Jew's son" thesis

Nearly 95 percent of the email sent in 2007 has been spam = Terrible anathemas seen on any finest PC. Help me!

Isaac Asimov's science-fiction novel 'I, robot' = A case of bionic love, icons, activities norms

The Beatles 'Yellow submarine' = Aye, their swell album, best one = We all see their best album yon

Band 'Spice Girls' = Bad singers clip

Rowling's "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" = Her whole, best, strong, detailed fable

The Musical TeleVision = Have some illicit tunes = Listen to a live music, eh? = Ah, menu is - 'Little Voices!'

The 'Animal Collective' = Nice vocal all the time

The movie "American Gangster" = Is game: another agent v. crime

Chris Evert and Greg Norman engaged = Changed grand rings over agreement

What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this? = Please, change this line, 'wit'. I'll kick your again! I do!

William Roger Clemens = Clearing well memoirs = No crimes? Gem? Well? Liar?

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas = I meditate harsh, firm, magic snow = This air made the magic snow firm

Every child comes with the message that God is not yet tired of the man = Heed now: Each minor states that Mighty devoted to his life, gets Mercy

Last-minute shoppers = Hapless spurt, no time!

Francesca Lewis = Carcass? New life!
(12-year-old, sole survivor of a plane crash in Panama, December 23, 2007. Survived in the mountains for two days before being rescued)

New England Patriots = Neat, top winners glad

Kenya candidate claims rigging in vote = Raila Odinga is making decency vetting

Indian reservation = Naive Red nation, sir

Indian reservations = Dear natives 'in irons'

Diana, the Princess of Wales = Scenario: Wife's death's plan

Bhutto's son maintains her political dynasty = Toll: continuation, stays behind his Ma's party

Acer Incorporated = I dear PC- creator, no?

Levy Restaurants = Rule: stay 'n' starve

The Neapolitan spaghetti = Note that shape - giant pile! = It's giant heap on the plate

Spaghetti Neapolitan = He gets Italian pot (pan) = I hate inept long pasta!

The Princess and the Pea = Her steep itch ends a nap = Peeress, nap and the itch

The University of Liverpool = Pithily : Evolution's forever!

Vertigo = I got rev

The vertigoes = Go, hit Everest!

Guidance's from above = Became in God's favour

The Fast Food Restaurant = Short feast and 'Out' after = Affronts! hardest eat-out = Rats! Offhand eat out & rest

Miss Miley Cyrus = My Muse is lyrics

Elisha Graves Otis = His elevator is gas!

Otis Elevator Company = Reactivates monopoly = O, many copies 'to travel'!

Spider Biofuel = I do life superb!

Week ashore = Here we soak

The disagreeable person = Oh, see a real President! G.B.

The macaroni = Ethnic aroma

The International Space Station = Ain't spies alone interact on that?

The American Indian = Hi, I am an ancient Red = Hi, I a red & ancient man!

A mermaid = I'm a dream

Lindsay Dee Lohan = Lady on headlines

The Shadows = The sad show = Do the swash = We had shots

The Immortal Bard, William Shakespeare = Aha, British male-writer maked all poems!

Model Gabriel Aubry = Aye, dribble glamour!

Ron Leavitt = Er...not vital = Into real TV

'Englishman in New York' = Known rhyme. Sing, 'alien'! = Mainly he known singer

Singer Elvis Aaron Presley = Proven sir, I nearly ageless = Sales, perseveringly on air = A peerless sir, only in grave = I revere pills, grass. Anyone!?

Singer Amy Winehouse = So, yes, I am huge winner! = Ear, my show is genuine

Oligarch = A rich log = Rich goal

The filling stations = Fits into giant 'Shell'

Mango tree, Pa? - Pomegranate

Gaius Petronius Arbiter = I got a super brain, it sure = But a pure satires origin = A rigour - I pen but satires

Katharine Hope McPhee = Hear me - the phonic peak

Impersonator = Minor-sort 'APE'

A prescient = Can see trip...

Natural selection = O, last ancient rule!

Singer Diana Ross = Dear airs in songs

'Jesus Christ Superstar' = Just shares scriptures

Nefarious man = So mean & unfair

Hamlet 'To be or not to be' = Noble hero at bet motto

The most beautiful girl in the world = True unforgettable doll is with him = Hunt the glamorous little bird - wife = Hunt for, 'till it the sublime dowager = O his true, delightful, brittle woman!

Meditations = India; OM-test
(OM -a mystic syllable, used as a mantra)

Hilarious moment = Also humor (in time)

The loyalist = To Hell, I stay!

Pleistocene = Let's open ice

Mother country = Turn to cry 'HOME!'

Spain and Portugal = Latin-papas ground

The Iberian peninsula = Pin-in earth in blue sea

Nice self-portrait = On terrific pastel = Perfect art in oils

Satisfaction = I so fantastic! = O, is fantastic!

Golden medal = Mold 'A Legend'

My favorite girl = O, it very firm gal!

Queen of France, Catherine de Medici = Once efficient, hard, queer, nice dame

Andre-Gustave Citroen = Sure, got invented a car

'Robinson Crusoe', novel by Daniel Defoe = Alone on obscure isle (nobody ever find)

Nice restaurant = A rarest cute inn

Roman Emperor Caligula = Peculiar man, moral ogre

Famous actor comedian James Eugene Carrey = Joyous man made cues of great cinema career

Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red colours = Our good old lovely Rainbow ingredients. Lure & elegance

The continuation = It authentic 'On & On'

The consultation = A cue 'n' hint to lost

A spaghetti = Hi, get pasta!

Bargain = A grab-in

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra = Clever read and amusive stage

Endangered species = Presence sag, indeed

Do you believe in love? = I been loved...I love you!

Weapons of mass destruction = So, Faust (demon) pets war-icons

Family bank account = Only buck-mania, fact

Olympic Games of modern era = O, prim races! Gold, money, fame

Storm in a teacup = A true panic, most

Jesus Christ, the savior of the world = Oh, Teacher! His first words - 'Just love!'

Economy = Money Co.

Encyclopaedia Britannica = A nice'n'capable dictionary

Adore = O, dear!

Again! = I a nag

New dictionary = It nice - any word!

The new variation = Another view, ain't?

American actor = Came-r-r-a, action!

Israeli Knesset = Like Senate, sirs

Rome was not built in a day = Word about means in Italy = Town made by our Italians! = Nay, I slow. A bad time to run = Warned at lousy ambition

Abidance = In a "A..B..C..D..E"

Testosterone injection = It sets erection on jet, no?

Montessori system = Is more tests, my son

Whether you like it or not = Hey, it lot routine work, eh?

Poisons = So, no sip!

The chicken = Check, it hen

South America, Argentina = Here is a curt-tango-mania

The global obesity epidemic = Impeaches to big belly. O, diet!

The earthquake's epicentre = Technique rates - peak there

Weather forecast = We care heat, frost...

Perversity = Is very pert

Old story of love triangle = Disloyal lover forgotten?

The astronomers = There moon, stars!

The sperm donors = Mothers respond

Whitney Houston Greatest Hits = Herewith a hottest songs' 'unity'

The modern city = Oh, dirty cement!

The Arafat's burial = Ah, it tearful Arabs!

The film animator Walter Elias Disney = All-times fine art; made his own reality = His name was made in 'reality for little'

Lacoste fahsion = Ah, also fine cost!

The dangerous chemicals = Damage, ulcer on his chest

Ethan Hawke = Hah, new take!

Confirmed = Mind-force

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year = Er...my warm, shy phrase in dance party

A mother = THE AMOR

The last fashion = That is on a shelf = That is on a flesh

The Spanish inquisition = Question (in hiss), hit, pain

The Spanish armada = Rat, man, ships ahead!

Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev = Thick Russian; cheek,high verve

Andy Warhol = Ah, only draw!

Sophocles 'Antigone' = Nice song, poets' halo

'We are the champions' = Hits' name 'We cap hero' = I hear-'Note, we champs'

The Winter Olympic Games = Men try 'white magic' slope

The Gordian knot = Dark & tight one, no?

Mortal sin = It's normal?

Falsetto voice = Fit to vocal, see

The hormones = He + mother = son

Animals = Lamas in

The Gulag Archipelago = Right, a huge gaol place

The singer Elvis Costello = or This gentle voice sells

Vietnamese = Seem native

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station = Such terrible weapon. Any control? = Horrible waste up (not only cancer)

Sony Playstation = As in past, only toy

Appendicitis = It 'spiced' pain

Windsor castle = Crown site, lads = Weird class, not?

Hercule Poirot = Oh, truer police!

'Centuries' = True (since)
(of Nostradamus)

Misogynist = Got in missy = O, tying miss!

Metro Goldwyn Mayer = Wanted memory & glory

The single European currency = They cancel 'green' in our purse

Windows Media Player = We aim wonder display

Marriage counseling = Arguing? No, smile & care! = Cleaning our mirages = Ruins, real magic gone = O, nice girl & man argues

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo = Brainless malevolent story

Beethoven's "Moonlight sonata' = Oh, seven notes at a night bloom!

Pick famed Northern male = Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

Carl Lewis = Races will

Singer Placido Domingo = Moiling, doing operas CD

Pierre Auguste Renoir = Art/Europe/Genius...I err?

Painter Thomas Smith = Hi, this man - top master!

Renault = Real nut?

Joan Miro = I major, no?

Oscar de la Renta = or Create sandal

George Harrison = He's roaring ogre = or Go rehearsing

The rehearsing = Sing there & hear

Lee Harvey Oswald = Who leaved slayer?

Hotel California = Rah ,ain't life cool?

The security video camera = As it, to reduce heavy crime

Relationships = Hi, it's personal!

Contraceptive methods = Devices protect hot man

The unprotected sex = Pox, tetter...Need such?

The best things in life are free = Breaths, this feeling, fine tree...

Adam and Eve in the Gardens of Eden = After maid, Heaven's ended and gone = Heaven; God defeated man and 'siren' = Anagram of 'Destined Heaven ended'

Free school = Cheer, fools!

God's Ten Commandments = God-sent damn comments

The rutting season = Oh, nature's setting! = Oh, nature's testing! = True sign's HEAT, not?

State of Bahrein = Fine, to the Arabs

Theological discussions = God is classic solution, eh? = Logical decisions? Shouts!

Fanaticism = Fit maniacs

A soldier = I real sod
(sod: man)

The swimmer Ian Thorpe = I mesh & romp in the water

The great singer Bob Marley = Best reggae - no harm & liberty = Mainly best reggae, brother!

Booby trap = Poor tabby

'Casper the friendly ghost' - the movie = So, there festive grey child-phantom

The gravestone = Sever, THAT gone

Death by misadventure = Uh, end at very bad times!

Painter Henri Matisse = See hit! Man inspire art = Praise his eminent art = Culminate deep art, no?

The Shiatsu treatment = It easement? That hurts!

The theological discussion = Idiots! In such case, go to Hell!

Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas = Sobered Don Juan. In magazines too.

Great Britain = Big Rain treat

Confessions = Foes, sins, con...

The Bermuda triangle = I under threat & gamble = I'm - threat, Blue Danger = Rated 'Blue nightmare' = Grumble, it near death = It large-number-death

God bless America = A sod begs miracle = O, bilge! Sam scared

Emperor = Per Rome

The Royal Residences, Buckingham Palace = Calm place. Here king's house, yard, cabinet...

The Socialist Republic of Cuba = I, Castro, absolute public-chief = I, F.Castro, but plausible choice

Chairman Mao Tse Tung = Scream it out - 'Hangman!' = Ah, communist at anger! = Not a China-master, mug = Most argute Chinaman? = Summon at Great China = Hang & tear a communist!

The Socialistic Revolution = To us, it historical violence

Lordosis = Sir so old

The Great October Socialistic Revolution = Terrible, chaotic violence. So, it - "Tsar, go out!"

Ayrton Senna da Silva = Annals: O, a nasty drive!

Medication = Acid item, no? = Decimation

Closure = So cruel

Waitress = Water, sis

The little boys room = Toilet (other symbol)

Too many broken hearts = Thank boy, no more tears!

All you need is love = Ensoul lovely idea! = O, an used lovely lie!

The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso = Applies his hot abstract passion

A bottle of whiskey = 'Key' of lowest habit = We obey to hit flask

The Alpine ski = Slip, hit a knee

The ale-barrel = All beer, heart! = Halt, real beer!

Vituperations = A spit on virtue

Hatred = Dr. Hate

Marcello Mastroianni = Roll on, I'm a cinema star! = Install more Macaroni = Romantic roles 'animal'

Artist Marcello Mastroianni = An immortal Latin actor rises = Immortal Latin star & scenario

The Righteous Brothers = O, there bright 'shouters'!

Killer with a badge = Delight, I break law!

Kate Baker = Break & take
(Ma Baker)

Karma = A mark

The Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud = His understanding of our lust (true image) = I understand that our 'rueful ego' missing = Heritage - Understanding of our stimulus = Understand that furious ego is ruling me

Federal Bureau of Investigation = To nail free 'Bad, Negative & Furious'

Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle = Noticed augural hints, or any? = Again, story around hint (clue) = It's our canny leading author = Real actions undying author

The pioneer surgeon Christiaan Barnard = I run heart operations researching band

We hear at void = The radio wave

The Holocaust = Such loot & hate!

The Holocaust history = Hitler, sot youth, chaos

Women toilets = New stool time

International signal of distress - SOS = Sign of disaster, siren on all stations = Sign of disaster. No lies & translations = Is a sign of disaster still on sonar net? = Listen on radio sailors signs & net fast! = Listen on radio fast sent sailors sign

L.Leonov = Lo, novel!

Director Milos Forman = Or record it so - film-man

The ballroom dancers = Old notable charmers

Calories = or I scale = A cole, sir? = Rice also? = As recoil

Sir Peter Paul Rubens = Pure art, superb lines

The discomfort of angina pectoris = I get chest pain. Oafs, inform doctor!

The hurricane Dennis = I churn & rend in the sea

Hipsters = He strips

The 'Wildlife photographer of the year' winners = We shoot well: deer fight, piranha prey, eft, rhino...

The Britain's Labour Party leader = Bear out leadership? Blair - tyrant

Sir James Paul McCartney = Just play, manic screamer

Goldie Hawn = Head in glow

Miss Goldie Hawn = Single-show-maid

'Batman begins' = "I best, man!...BANG!"

The 'Air supply' = Play super hit = Play pure hits

Grigori Efimovich Rasputin = or Fighting imperious vicar = I'm vaporing historic figure

G.E. Rasputin = Pig's nature

The London suicide-bomb outrages = Boom! Continued slaughter, bodies

Florence Nightingale = Rich, fine, gentle gal, no?

Nurse Florence Nightingale, The Lady of the lamp = Lo, she our gentle nanny, medical help after fight

The worldwide famous painter Rembrandt = Man drew, dealed with number of portraits

Painter Hieronymus Bosch = Honor his name (by pictures)

Shirley Temple = Silly temper, eh? = Er...they sell imp

Parasite = As pirate

'Billy Elliot', the musical = Ballet. 'Lo, I clumsy? I lithe?'

City of Saint Petersburg = It got-by perfect - Russian

Michelangelo Buonarroti's 'The Pieta' = Lo, Christ on a petit blue Maria! He gone? = Ah, that religious one! Top, nice marble

Retired = Er...tired

Security = Sure city

Ultimate champion Yelena Isinbayeva = Oh, epic name! I easily beat many in vault

Honorable Doctor Kurt Waldheim = Murderer with cool & bad look (than)

Sculpturer Auguste Rodin = Nude groups is art, culture

Sculptor Auguste Rodin = or A Golden Cuts pursuit

Monsieur Auguste Rodin = Man is our stone-die guru

Singer David Bowie = Own big ideas & drive

Celsius and Fahrenheit = Each handles 'fire' units

Swedish astronomer Anders Celsius = Sir assured his most renowned scale

The motor racings = More cars tonight = Right, cars & men too

Actress Julie Andrews in 'The sound of music' = In war-musical, heroine just defends scouts = Sis just want hide sons from cruel audience

Until death do us part = Oh, part adults united! = Ends-up ritual? That do.

Actor Michael Caine = Each action-miracle

A golden voice = Vocal on edge, I

'There is a house in New Orleans' = No, these - lies. Area now ruins, eh?

The City of New Orleans = O, fie! Only water & stench = Incoherent, low safety = Town of earthy silence = Town of hearty silence = Sincerely, town of hate = O, new reality - of stench! = Chiefly water-on-stone

Gloria Estefan = 'Fire on LA stage'

The magnificent pyramid of Cheops = Nice empty midget Pharaoh's coffin

Writer Alistair Maclean = I rate war & criminal tales

The London suicide-bomb outrages = Bad outcomes, odor in English-tube

Lance Armstrong = Long 'n' smart race

The American actor Dustin Lee Hoffman = Damn cheerful fact - he 'Tootsie' & 'Rain man'!

'War and Peace' by Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy = Heroic battles and love... Anyway, pick love! = Piece: Wealthy lady N.Rostova back in love

End of the road = Heed, to and fro = Done for death

A typical Londoner = Pale lady or nit con = Dry, lone, no capital

Spiro Theodore Agnew = or One who griped East = Oh, ignored East power! = Open war THERE is good = Oh, poor! New tragedies

Nicotine addiction = In tonic-dedication

Nicotine marks = Notice arm, skin...

Florida State University = I avail interest for study

The sin of adultery = Dirty unsafe hotel = Due filthy treason

The artist formerly known as Prince = Crank's a nit performer with no style

The Polaroid cameras = Sir made a clear photo = Clear photo is a dream

Most Americans say Bush not honest = He is most nasty one, obscurant & sham

Witness = It's news!

Colgate whitening paste = An aseptic glowing teeth!

The famous Greek mathematician Archimedes = Image of man that cheered 'Eureka!' is mismatch?

Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite = I entail better & greater life

News: Bush refuse to set timetable for Iraq war = Time, stubborn! Life show - sequestrate warfare!

The professional gambler = Eternal big hope for slam = Foster big hopes, earn small = Ah, ill person, bets for game!

An intelligent woman = Owning menial talent?

Sherlock Holmes = He'll mesh crooks

Eating a Christmas pie = Grimaces, antipathies

Christmas presents = Stamps, shirt, screen... = Pet, cress, man's shirt...

Bomber kills more than 30 on Baghdad bus = Blame on Bush and 30 'throbbed' kilograms

Smart guy = A gutsy Mr.

The indiscreet person = Is coherent, President

Nordic countries = Ice-rind contours

Investigator: US shipped out detainees = 'Goat' punished in States visited Europe (goat - a lecherous man)= USA 'pigs' hide it; sent deviants to Europe = Ado: Punished in States get Europe visit

The Unknown Soldier = Link.(Who under stone?) = Keen now this old urn
[link - a torch]
[keen - to wail in lamentation, especially for the dead]

The United States The Postal Service = The nicest letters posted via USA = Then it 'device' to pass USA letters

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier = O, mob, think who left under stone!

The naturists = Anti-shutters = Unearths tits

Clirotidectomies = Code: erotic limits

The females circumcision = Islamic mufti's coherence

Scores of whales beached in New Zealand = Woe when obese crazed 'sea fish' clan land

The Disney's 'Finding Nemo' = Tiny, designed fish (no men)

Actress Sarah Silverman = Lass, as ever, charmin' star

Walter Disney = I draw tensely

Walter Elias Disney = Yes, I draw tale-lines

'It's a long way to Tipperary' = War nostalgia, pity poetry = I-patriot, yet play war song = 'Oily' past Giant War poetry

Handle with care = Are held in watch

Ancient = Inca.net

Inca's Empire = Epic remains

American actor Tom Hanks = Man 'took' main characters

Procrastinations = Airport sanctions

Kobe Bryant = NBA-trek-boy

Casino hotels = i.e. Lost cash, no? = Oh, steal coins!

The professional astrological consultation = All giant stars position 'choose' local fortune = Stars location is local signal to hope & fortune = All stars are tools of an opt outlining choices

Wheels = Slew, eh?

Renewal = New & real

Perish the thought = Hope - highest truth = Trust the High Hope

A perambulator = A tour-able pram = About real pram

The perambulators = Brats real home (put)

A man is innocent until proven guilty = Naive, nut men paying on sin till court

New military sensor can hear through walls = Army listens WHEN we laugh or train scholar = When on hall, army 'wires' can steal our rights = Warning: Hush her, army listens to war locale

Augustine vulcano erupts on the Alaska island = Thousand great unusual lava plates on ice-skin

Leyan Lo solves Rubik's Cube in record time = Rubric: I more skilly - about eleven seconds!

Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Sabah, emir of Kuwait = As Arab sheik I had wealth, kif, ale, jumbo harem

The famous black singer Stevie Wonder = A sweet-blue voice from 'night-darkness'
[he's blind, no?]

Friday thirteen = Faint dithery...er

Totalitarism = A limit to tsar?

The South American countries = Most curious ancient earth, eh? = Earth's to the curious Inca-men

The International Morse code = Method to earn nice relations = Once, the main letters on radio

'Kinder' chocolate eggs = Gag-icons locked there

The Republic of Ireland = I found reel-birthplace = Rich, top life? Endurable = I feel dear North public = If picture broaden - Hell = Beer - helpful indicator = I fold leprechaun tribe = Flinched tribal Europe = Hi, terrible place found!

Martin Luther King day = 'Dream' I truly thanking = Dark men thingy ritual = Alright, dark men unity

The Martin Luther King's day = Utterly, thanking 'his dream!'

Michael Jackson = Claims he no jack

Singer Michael Jackson = Home reclining jackass

The Roman Forum = Haunt from Rome

Carpe Diem = Mad recipe

Archimedes of Syracuse = Assume. Research. Codify. = My focus - research ideas = My focus - a search desire = Measure of hydric cases = Fiery scream as douches

The Winter Olympic Games on Torino = Competitions, only in grim weather = Right time to play in snow or ice, men! = Merit men go to win place in history = Imagine competitors, hotly winner

The German Fuhrer Adolf Hitler = 'Father' of Hell, hating murderer

Southern = Er...hot sun = Sun & throe = Nurse hot

Norwegians = In snow rage = A snow-reign = Regain snow

Scotland = Old & scant

The Twentieth Winter Olympic games = New athletic meeting. My 'White Sport' = Oh, my! Wet emphatic winner gets title = My, wet champions get their new title! = Met the wiry champions get new title

Solomon The Wise = Ooh, timeless now!

Stacy Keibler = Ask celebrity = Racy, bit sleek

Potato = To a pot

A losing battle = Battalion legs
(legs - runs away)

Eurosport channel = Race, pool, then runs...

Samford University = Study, a firm version

Iowa State University = Tuition assertive way

School of The Visual Arts = 'Hash', festival to colours!

The American actor Clint Eastwood = Cool action at dramatic western, eh? = A smart, intact, ice-cool, WANTED hero

Unsentimental = Meanest nut, nil

O, Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo = Ooh, for remote hero-wooer, remote amour!

Neil Percival Young = U R playing nice, love!

The actor Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio = To the world I dear, rich cinema-Apollo

Pantagruelian = Real Giant (a pun)

Thomas Coleman Younger = Ay, man huge, cool monster! = O, some tough-larceny man! = Rough man locates money = Common slaughter, no? Aye.

Monastic = Stoic man

An ocelot = Lo, one cat!

Oh, those Russians! = Oh, I hate USSR sons!

A bad compromise is better than good lawsuit = That 'good war' impossible, obtain me sad truce

New York Cosmos = 'cos money works!

'Sleeping beauty' = But pleasing eye

Discreet = Secret ID

The Sydney Opera House = 'A-y-e! H-e-y!' Here sound's top!

Michael Jackson ordered to close Neverland = Cancel, then! No more cajoled kids or lads, ever!

Teacher = THE CARE

A golden opportunity = Apt option, only urged = It - open ground to play

Window of opportunities = UP for wide options to win

Achievements = Nice, save them

Actress Maureen Stapleton = Late top US-screen star name

No thru! = Oh, turn!

A sore point = Operations = Torose pain

A game of cat and mouse = Adage of a mean custom

A palomino [horse] = Polo-mania

Balloons = Soon ball!

Obdurateness = Sure not based = Reason busted = Be unassorted = Abusers noted = Be not assured

The poltergeist = Teeth-split ogre

Alain Delon = I one and ALL

Astronauts = To a star! Sun!

Cosmonauts = A cosmo-nuts

The seductress = She erects stud

The abstinence = Ancient behest = Best, enhance it

Media = i.e. Mad

Daily bread = I barely add

R and B = Brand

The movie 'Fantomas against Scotland Yard' = Story of hating asocial madman's vendetta

City of Saint Petersburg (former Leningrad) = Decently framing, refer to big Russian port

Joannie Rochette = Another 'jet' on ice
[Canadian figure skater]

Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, 'War and Peace' = His very tale. Weapon and love 'cocktail'

A drop in the ocean = Aha, indecent, poor! = Er...cheap donation

A four lettered word = Treated for rude & low

A neatly turned phrase = Unearthed pleasantry

A matter of negotiation = Fit to treat, no egomania

Daintiness = Instead sin = Detains sin

After nine months' pregnancy = More parents fetching nanny = Perfect son...nightmare nanny

Irina Slutskaya = Italian? A Russky!

Enrico Macias = I a sonic 'cream'

Edit Piaf = If I taped?!

French singer Salvatore Adamo = This dear Frog earns vocal-name

Spontaneously = To use 'SNAP' only

Rene Magritte = Greet mine art

'Benfica' = I FC-bane

Familiarity breeds contempt = Many times credit profitable = Impatience forms bitter lady = Maybe price for dilettantism? = Flattery bedims imprecation = Compliment best, fair idea. Try!

Hartebeest = Beast there

Russian torpedoes = I use sonar & stop Red

Casey Mears = A messy race = Seamy races = Yes, same car

Champs Elysees, Paris = Simply see Arc's shape

The disciple Judas Iscariot = I aid to epic lad - Jesus Christ

The designer Vera Wang = Never wear 'aged' things! = Draw thee evening rags = Sew red evening rag & hat

Thomas Alva Edison = Ah, anodes, voltaism!

Actor Bruce Lee, The Dragon = Our belted character gone = N.B. - Great coloured teacher

Seroxat tablets = Tabs set to relax

Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate = My, my! A treat by hoax-drug!

Scottish Soccer League = 'Celtic' outgoes chasers

The actress Natalie Portman = Hot cinema star (spare talent)

American Hot Dogs = or as death coming = Organ-stomach die

Famous author Margaret Mitchell = I 'mum' of the rum gal Scarlett O'Hara

A Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekov = Ah, 'Uncle Vania' script, 'Ivanov', other works

Undressing = Rings nudes

After us the deluge = Last huge rude fete

Apres moi le deluge = Ego-rule: I'm pleased

Robert Louis Stevenson = Sure best novelist, or no?

Miss Procter = More scripts

Adelaide Anne Procter = Nice and dear, real poet

Theory of relativity = Oh, very fit to reality!

Adriano Celentano = Once 'National Dear'

Cleopatra of Egypt = Gal of top-race-type = Got top, pearly face

Donatien Alphonse Francois De Sade = Fool sadist enhanced & reasoned pain = He added on lot of pains, insane scare

Edgar Allan Poe = Read, all on page = All on page, dear

O-three zone = Ozone there

Honore Balssa = He's also baron?
[Honore de Balzac]

Pere Lachaise = Hire lea-space
(famous cemetery in Paris)

Old Bourbon = O, blood, burn!

'Stella Artois' = Total ale, sirs!

"Stella Artois' beer = Best ale to real sir

The US author William Sydney Porter = That writer usually 'imposed' O'Henry = O'Henry. What ideally put, rum stories!

Agathon: Even God cannot change the past = Advance, that snatch-path gone...gone...gone

Diogenes = I seen God = Ego is 'den' = NO is edge

Charles = He's Carl

Our instinct = Instruction

The coach Steve McClaren = Clever Scotch, he can team

Moody Blues = Bloody Muse!

The poet Thomas Gray = Ah, get rhymes to a top!

Siamese twins = Same, I witness

The Roman Coliseum and The Forum = Mute remains of the loud monarch

Actress Julia Roberts = So, I just cerebral star

Best before date... = Be tasted before

Battles in Somalia = O, Islam ain't stable!

Mogadishu: Battles in Somalia = Abolish mutilations & damages!

I, Sting = Sing it

The sleeping partner = Genteel partnership

My inamorata = I amatory-man = Maria, not May

'A million little pieces' = One simple illicit tale

Active Merapi volcano = Overcome panic, it lava

His fly open = Oh, penis, fly!

Abnormal testicles = Cite 'A monster balls'

Nice amatory verses = Yes, romantic as ever! = Some tears, naive cry = Eases, very romantic = Even my Rosie - carats! = See as very romantic

Every Englishman's great ambition = Saving the Tony Blair's regime name? = Easily manage British government = Get vanish Tony Blair's regime name

Onanist = Stain, no? = On satin? = Anti-son = Not a sin?

I love you my darling = You grim, naive dolly = Your money, villa...Dig? = No, my dove, I ugly liar

Unbelievable story = One brave but sly lie = One subtly brave lie = Even our salty Bible = Evils, brute baloney

Contention = Not, not nice

The singer Beyonce = Nice energy! Oh, best!

Beethoven's Appassionata = He 'paves' best piano sonata

The Apartheid regime = I merge hit, rape & death

Morning erections = O, groins increment!

The morning erections = Honoring centimeters = Rotten 'gnome' rise inch

The fornication = Not ethic, no fair

'A spirit passed before me' = Poets iamb disperse fear

Chris Martin = I rich 'n' smart

The Coldplay = CD? Hell to pay!

'There's a place' = The real space

The World Cup in Germany = Adept winner; much glory

The World Cup finals, Germany = Wonderful players matching = Winner holds flag up, team cry

The World Cup finals in Germany = Careful winning, medals, trophy = Newsy 'n' right place for Mundial = Grumpy French led, Italians won

Dr. Gabriel Van Helsing = Brave, daring, shelling

Exodus International = United on rational sex

Mysterious Stonehenge = Igneous system there, no?

Charity begins at home = The Hot Magic is nearby = I get the Basic Harmony = It teaches big harmony

Prince William = A prim nice Will

Pitta bread = Bited-apart

The Principality of Monaco = If rich - on top; money, capital

The first dance lesson = Hands...let feet in cross

Mount Everest, Nepal = Ample stone, venture

Tim The Hanger = The nightmare

Oddly enough = Holy God, nude!

The coleslaw = Hell, cows-eat!

The Christology = To etch HIS glory

Osama Bin Laden = One's bad animal

Superstitions = It's stories, pun = Inputs stories

Seattle, Washington = Elegant as this town! = 'English' town & a state = Town gains athletes = This, angel, East town

Better than sex = Be the next star = Be the next tsar

Infidelities = I defile - it sin = i.e. Find, it lies

Rhinoceros = Horn is core

Louis Armstrong (Satchmo) = Homo - Strong-Musical-Star

El Cinco de Mayo = Nice day, me cool

Naples, Italy = Ye, Latin pals

I, Neapolitan = Open Italian

Festival Cannes, Palme d'Or = 'Enacts' novel films parade = Means - First Place and Love

The aphorism = Phrase to him

Steps to recover from infidelity = 1. Strife, 2. - Find lover. Yes, competitor

Naomi Campbell = I'm clean Aplomb

Airways = Away, sir!

Madonna, The Material Girl = Drat! Hear man, get a million!

Stum = Must

Senator Reid = Rated senior

Carlos Vicente Tenorio = O, ever into Latino soccer!

Coelho = He cool!

The famous writer Paulo Coelho = O, some ethical powerful author!

Leonardo Da Vinci's painting 'Mona Lisa' = O, on canvas odd Italian smile! (Pain? Grin?)

Milton's Paradise Lost = i.e. Psalms to Saint lord

Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz = Viz, big-well-hot-fertile mind, no?

Philosopher Rene Descartes = O, listen, heed, search, prosper!

Christian Bale = A clean British

Breast augmentation = Mean: About tits range = Earn a mount-big teats

The Roland Garros men's final = Gosh, real tennis from R. Nadal!

Arthur Wimperis = I write sharp & rum

Pythagoras of Samos = Moot assays of graph

The actor Philip Seymour Hoffman = Hah, picture hero of many top films!

The breaking of wind = We breathing? Kind of = How, after being kind? = Within fog 'n' bad reek

Toni Luca = O, lunatic!

Penis augmentation = One amusing patient

The sixty-nine position = i.e. It is top hot sex, ninny!

Vincenzo Iaquinta = Viz, I quite a 'cannon'!

M. Ballack = Mack 'Ball'

Elias Repin = Praise line = Aspire line

Real painter = A later Repin

The Russian composer Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky = 'Pictures': Sods, shop-rooms, rumors, Kiev's gate hymn, etc.

Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky = Russky gives me most top chord

After the non-alcoholic beer = Oh, it clear! One belch, one fart

The adults diapers = Ah, it's lad's turd & pee!

The diapers = Reaped shit = Dreep a shit = Drat, his pee! = It's hard-pee = Ah, dirts & pee!

Secret Garden, 'Nocturne' = 'Eden' runs great concert

The Chieftains = Safe ethnic hit = Each hit, finest

D. Hasselhoff = Dash of flesh

'Arctic Monkeys' band = A best 'n' dynamic rock

Message in a bottle = Go & net best sea-mail

Dave Berry = Every bard

Pythagoras = To say -'Graph'

The famous chemist Dmitri Mendeleev = Hm, I divide & form taut elements scheme

Sir Paul McCartney = Rap? Try clean music = Care, plan & try music

Charles William Shirley Brooks = His books' charm will really rise

Inspector Maigret = I get crime-patrons = Tapering to crimes = To pin great crimes = I'm stern great cop, I = Great in crime-stop = Great in crime-spot = Enigmatic reports = 'Greetin', I smart cop! = At crime get prison = I top strange crime = or I get pert manics

The sexual shenanigans = Naughtiness, anal sex, eh? = Shag six, then ensue anal

Shenanigans = Shag nannies

Leadership = Raised help = Has replied = Is help, dear

Lead singer = A legend, sir = Needs a girl

Metropolis = Spoilt Rome

Epidermis = Is deep rim = Rim espied

The procurer = Er...he corrupt

Orthodontics = This doctor? NO! = Roots, ditch, no? = Icon's - Dr. Tooth

The funeral march = Urn (he left a charm) = The urn (he far & calm)

The American = He ain't cream

American businessman = Insane manic bears sum

Espionage = I gape & nose

Industrial espionage = I nose, tail, persuading = Ingenious lad's pirate

The industrial espionage = On pure night I steal ideas

Chief inspector Jules Maigret = Justice person, malice fighter = Terrific policeman. He sets jug [prison] = Proliferating justice scheme = Real, profiting justice scheme = In crimes get help for a justice

Gravestone epitaphs = Stop. Heaven's gate. RIP.

Personal website = Beware: pointless! = It's rebel's weapon = Beware, spoils net! = Towers plebeians

Rats and mice = Reminds a cat

The most powerful man in the world turns sixty on Thursday = True pix of untrustworthy, mindless, sham tyrant. He old now

Piscatorial = Sail to Capri = A tropic sail

Piscatory = I 'toy' carps

A theatre critic = The act criteria

Marks and Spencer = Scan, remark, spend

Desdemona = Ado ends me

Othello and Desdemona = She dead? No, dolt male, NO!

The gossip columns = Menus: light scoops = English smut & scoop

Fourth of July celebrations = Jolly count of Free USA birth

British baroness Helene Hayman = Noble, shy manners here is a habit

Learning difficulties = Significant field & rule

A Mercedes limousine = I same sure nice model

Pointer Sisters = Present sis-trio

The liaison = A hot sin, lie

Perfectionist = Not fit, PRECISE!

Lady Diana Spencer = Plan easy riddance = Easy plan: Car + Di = end

Chairman Mao = or 'Mama China'

S. Berlusconi = Is cruel snob

Infinitesimally = I fine, small, I tiny

Isaac Newton's first law of motion = Wow, fools, inertia is constant! F = ma

Ram and Zvonarova win Wimbledon's mixed doubles finals = Lad from Zion and 'bad' Russian woman blew involved mixes

The old fart = Dolt father

The monkeys family = My, he akin to myself! = I mean, they my folks = Aye, this 'menfolk' my = Safety link, my home = Yes, my 'hamlet' of kin = Anytime he's my folk = This 'men' my folk, aye

Gladiator = A glad riot

The gladiator = Go & trial Death! = I great, hot lad

Pedro Martinez de la Rosa = Realize named road-sport = Matador? Ride-zeal person!

Pedro de la Rosa = Real roads dope

Tennis player Rudek Stepanek = Earned plenty & I seek ATP ranks

Southern Beirut = O, there but ruins!

War in Southern Beirut = Tie, win...Our Earth burns!

Pictures from Japan = Re-scan Fuji ramp & top

Author Georges Joseph Christian Simenon = O, Jesus, hang on his hero - Inspector Maigret!

President Silvio Berlusconi = In depression (civil troubles)

Advertisement = Enters TV media

Orenthal James Simpson = Ah, male joins sportsmen! = She jails me! No sport, man!

Orenthal Simpson = Sportsman? O, he nil!

Mesdemoiselles = See models smile

Impertinent = Nit in temper

The battle of Stalingrad = Adolf Hitler at test. BANG! = That battlefield groans = Satan-Hitler got bad & left = Real fight.'Satan bottled!' = At all - big start of the end

'Don't leave me this way' = An old - 'Stay with me, Eve!' = Even - 'O, stay with me, lad!'

Take showers = To wash reeks

It's no big deal = Albeit, doings = Is tangible, do

Scientist Dmitriy Ivanovich Mendeleev = I sided active involvement in chemistry

Fascist Hermann Goering = I frenetic & gross hangman

Hermann Goering = He - 'no grin' German

The Nuremberg trial = Grab true Hitler-men!

The writer Alexandre Dumas = It rather new deluxe dramas = Ah, rewritten deluxe dramas!

The singer Ani DiFranco = I find canto & rehearsing = Her fine disc on a rating

Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) = Maul & maim! (I had saucy class)

Michael Drosnin = Donnish miracle = Do charm in lines = I lines-chord man

Lee Tamahori = He? Late Maori

The author James Fenimore Cooper = A totem & one major hero - super chief

Stanley Laurel = True 'lean' sally

Alexandre Dumas = Read, damn sexual = Drama & sexual end = Arm, a duel and sex

The philosopher Confucius = Ooh, cup silence! Profit hush!

Down and out = O, dud, wanton!

Valetudinarian = Invalid? A nature!

The composer Rinaldo di Capua = A honor & appreciated old music

'Be discovered, be a star!' = Rates above described!

'Temptation Island" = Damn it, pal, I on test! = Sand & intimate plot = Damn petit Latinos!

US comedian Seinfeld = Audience fond smiles

'The planet of the apes', book by famous writer Pierre Boulle = About 'The Monkey Power'; if fat horrible beast rules people

Cedilla = Allied C

The Estonians = These's nation!

Island of Borneo = Far, bold, no noise

Camelot: The National Lottery = Lo, nice to treat all that money!

Auschwitz, Poland = Old Nazis up. Watch!

The concentration camp Auschwitz, Poland = Rotten Nazi-occupants (which to damn) place

Fisher-Price toys = Yes, terrific shop! = Yes, for this price?!

Felipe Calderon = Nice leader? Flop!

South Korea's capital city = Seoul. O, that capacity - risk!

Bush makes transportation secretary pick = Thanks, precious Mary Peters!..Back to trains!

'Animal planet' on the Discovery Channel = On TV: nice elephant, cold snail, ram, hyena...

Russian roulette = Real ruinous test = Salute or...U rest in...

Cuisine Francaise = Fair, in nice sauces

Senegal = Glen & sea

Singapore = Grip on sea

Russian Federation = One unfair disaster = I intend - area of USSR = Is in area of nut Reds

Bahamas = Ah, samba!

Finland = Finn lad

Honduras = O, hard sun! = Hoard sun

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya = Arabian jail by amir, yah

Tate Gallery = Legal art (yet)

Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova = Soviet astronaut. Lack, have no men?

Tennis player Maria Sharapova = A sharp arm, a naive personality

The kidnapped Corporal Gilad Shalit = Poor sat? Alright? Handicapped? Killed?

Disneyland Theme Park Resort, Paris = Kids, pairs and men play or rest there

Low libido = I old, I blow

The Russian composer = To hear person's music = Person to share music

The angina pectoris = Pain at chest region = Since, got heart-pain

Yosemite National Park = I look at many trees, I nap... = Tamarisk, peony... Elation!

The lost city of Atlantis = They last? Total fictions! = Isle, not city that floats = They still too fantastic! = Yet, into facts, this - atoll = Honestly, is it total fact?

Oscar Wilde = I scale word

The author Oscar Wilde = Each word suit, real, hot

The composer Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni = I bloom in nice, moving sonatas, hot opera

American athlete Carl Lewis = Trace, I win all the male races

Dante's Inferno = End after sin, no?

Comrade Stalin = Lead-narcotism = Old mean racist = Nail democrats! = Old manic tears = Lodestar - manic = Lost Red maniac = It's clear, no? MAD! = Satan. Old crime = Me, Satanic-Lord

The comrade Stalin = Death, not miracles = Hot scam, nit leader = Detrimental chaos

Charles Goodyear = Hey, real car-goods! = Large cosy road, eh?

Inventor Charles Goodyear = Very cool tire, has no danger = Oh, race & drive along on tyres! = A hero doing novel car tyres

Comrade Vladimir Lenin = Criminal and more - Devil! = Real rival. Demonic mind

The astronaut Ilan Ramon = Am star-nut, national hero

The comrade Vladimir Ulianov (Lenin) = Revolution! He mad villain, Red manic

The psychiatrist Sigmund Freud = I spurt chief night-dreams study

The Colonel Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin = One 'allegorical' achiever. 'Guy in the sky' = Okay, I launch air-vehicle. Energy...'Let's go!'

The composer Claudio Monteverdi = Renovator. O, he did complete music!

Economist Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen bank = Credit to needy mums. A humane bank among humans

William Tell = All-time Will

'Yankees' pitcher Cory Fulton Lidle = I fly in N.York, lope, cut, crash & 'delete'

The statues of Easter island = It features last stone-heads = See heads? Astronauts left it?

Statues of Easter island = Distasteful stones area

'Gulliver's travels' by Jonathan Swift = All stabs, joyful & thriving events, war... = Just thrilling novel, brave & fast ways = Just a fast swab: very thrilling novel = Involves aberrant law, 'justly' fights = Well! Slavery, nut fights, variant jobs = I 'fly' with all vagrants ventures & jobs

The Salvador Dali's Art Museum = Ah, most valued, 'mad' surrealist!

Rare meteorite found in Kansas field = Sure, one-of-its-kind material, and free!

A Nightmare on Elm street = Some men-relating threat = Rots me, threatening male! = Entitle the ogre-arms man = He's ogre in maltreatment = Nit ogre, he maltreats men

"Call me when you're sober" = My new beer & alcohol user

The nuclear tests in North Korea = Then I learn: Rockets - threat on US

Bush: I won't change strategy in Iraq = By that, questioning & searching war = We trying nice thing - to quash Arabs = Quote: Nay, I screw Arabs night-night!

Israel: Flights over Lebanon to continue = So, in all this, bare violence unforgotten

Arrest leads to discovery of Egypt tombs = Boy-pilferers 'add' to grotto (caves) system

iPod turns five = It provides fun

The law of supply and demand = Helpful way to spend and dam

Fernando Alonso Diaz = Dozen finals on a road = Finds zeal on a road, no?

The Royal Shakespeare Company = Okay, shape actors (men) play here = Men play each part. Hookers? - Easy!

Troubles = Blue sort = Blot, sure

Professional sportman = Man for oil & snap posters

Finance = Can fine

Tottenham Hotspur FC = The Top 'nuts' for match = The sport-match to fun

Thomas Cruise = I sum: he's actor

Thomas Cruise Mapother = Ah, sure! prime smooth act = Smooth act & supreme hair

The Clint Eastwood's, 'Million dollar baby' = She won many 'diabolic' battles, till...O, Lord!

Chivas Regal = Charge vials

'What do you get when you fall in love?' = You? That novel,'hallowed', young wife = Woo novel, healthy young/adult wife

The Kissing Bandit = Bed-knight? It's a sin!

Reamonn, 'Supergirl' = Purr mine real song = Pure, normal singer

The Irish dancer Michael Flatley = His 'mechanical', ready feet - thrill!

The Crimean war = A raw crime (then)

Socialist party = Astray politics

John Logan's motion picture 'The last of samurai' = Militant Tom Cruise along & of South Japan shore

Aleksandr Hleb = Hankered balls = Hark! needs ball

Footballer Aleksandr Hleb = 'Labeled' to hanker for balls

Daniel Ortega = O, giant leader! = To gain leader

Daniel Ortega Saavedra = O, sad! Ain't leader. Ravage.

Operation = O, atropine!

Wigan Athletic FC = Act. Fight. Lace. Win (lace - attack)

Harriet Beecher Stowe = Brother? I care, he sweet

Tourette's syndrome = No-modesty utterers = Rotten. Yes, most rude

Forty four year old Bo Stefan Eriksson = Okay, 'buffoon' destroys stolen Ferrari

Shaw's 'Pygmalion' = Ow, smashing play!

The famous American actor Christopher Reeve = To reach for hit-movie-career he acts Superman

'Video killed the radio star' = Trivial, like the dead 'Doors'

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan = The Taliban official using her camps = The Russian-claim: incapable of fight = I main place of such Taliban fighters = US primal office chasing the Taliban

United Artists Company = Sat top cinema industry = Top stars & untidy cinema = Cinema stars & top nudity = Top stars in cinema-duty = Into mad, nasty pictures = Natty pictures domains

The London Lunatic Asylum = Many dull-nuts location, eh?

Palmistry = Imply star

New York Times = Key to rim news

The New York Times = My, it hot news reek! = Remit hot, key news

The rap music = Parties, chum! = "U + he = Mist + crap"

That desirable communism = The somnambulistic dream

The White House, Washington = Oh, within - HE, who guts Senate

Undesirable = Ire and blues

The impossible = I bet hope's slim

The impossible dreams = Me hopes: I dreamt bliss = Diet problems, Messiah...

The New York Post = Hook pretty news

New post = Top news

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons = Nice choice for ugly artists & some peasant

Transcendental meditation = Attentions mental riddance = Acted internal 'No mind' state = Silence. Intent to add mantra = Tend to select Indian mantra

The transcendental meditation = Trance. 'No mind' state. Let Death in!

Killing two birds with one stone = Wit or kindness? No, I will get both = I sort. End is known - I will get both

The Ouija board = Ah, I abjured too!

Where is the land of milk and honey? = Handle thy new-kind of home - Israel

Desperate housewives = So upset & we have desire! = Sure, I see 'a deep' TV show

School board = Ooh, Lords, ABC!

The pen is mightier than the sword = The sharp word hits eight - ten men, I

Only the good die young = They gone, you doing old = Eyeing on youth, old dog? = None? You eighty, old dog! = They 'done', you going old

The movie 'Casino Royale' = Holy America, it OO-seven! = Macho-reality of OO-seven = Oh, alacrity! I'm OO-seven

Motion picture 'Casino Royale' = Money operations. O, it crucial!

The motion picture 'Casino Royale' = I am cool spy. There, routine action

'Sealed with a kiss' = A hit (we sale disks) = Was else a hit, kids = Was said - 'Sleek hit'

'Unbreak my heart!' = Take me, nab! Hurry!

'Romeo and Juliet' by William Shakespeare = A wile. My jealous heart is broken & impaled = A remarkable poem with jealousy, din, lies

'Romeo and Juliet' by W. Shakespeare = Said - 'Weep my jealous broken heart!'

Mister Television = Er..visit & see Milton

Mister Television Milton Berle = I'm little & risible. Seen more on TV

The Guinness Book of Records = Source of Honored, Best & Kings

'You've lost that lovin' feeling' = A hit. Love song. Fit, lovely tune = Eventually, love shifting too = Love is love. Nothing fault, yet = Gave it. Fully into honest love = They veto, oust 'Falling in love' = It you - love slave? Nothing left? = Visually, Eve, nothing left too = You shall give vent to life, not? = O, still in love, fag? Out the envy!

The Decameron = O, damn, he erect!

'American pie' = Peer, I maniac = Mania recipe

Gaellivare = Er..a village
[small town in Sweden]

The aventures of Robin Hood = Venture. As hobo? Thief? Donor?

Sir Henry Wotton = 'Hot story' winner

The Magnificent seven = Men fights. A nice event

Chrysler Corporation = Oh, lorry & nice sport-car!

Unmotivated = One avid mutt

'Think of your forefathers! Think of your posterity!' = Hero of kith & kin! Fortify parents, foster your youth!

The last minute = Thee stimulant

The Gospel of Judas Iscariot = Oath!? A disciple forgot Jesus!

Memento mori = Memo to miner

National Film Board = Information: All bad

The picaroons = To prison. Each!

The picaroon = Oh, pirate & con!

Athletes = Let's heat!

USA Green Card = A curse & danger?

The USA Green Card = Treasured change = True changes, dear

Optimistically = A lot simplicity

Pessimistically = A less simplicity = It silly escapism

Misanthrope = No simp & hater = Sin methapor = Simp, no heart

The misanthrope = This 'pro' hate men = Honest,'prim' hate = I hate men thorps = His top - men-hater = Mr.Top Shine Hate

King Arthur's Camelot = Our cream, last knight = A ruler, knight & mascot

The modern palmistry = Hand. Let's trip memory = Let hand strip memory

Modern palmistry = Lo, my printed arms! = My printed morals = Print lad's memory

The palmistry = My star help it

Numerologist = Retooling sum = Into-sum-ogler

A numerologist = I amounts-ogler

The protagonist = Spotting at hero = Tasting top hero = Stating top hero = Ooh, petting star!

A disaster scene = I scare, tense & sad = As I scared & tense

Break your leg! = Regular 'OK, bye!'

Abnormal = Ban moral

Petroleum = Our 'temple'

A partner = Earn part

Nationalist = Anti-Latinos

Comrades = O, Red scam! = More cads = 'cos am Red = Reds-coma

Madness = DNA mess? = ...and mess

Interpretations of dreams = Minds retreat - option & fears = Pets arrested information = Important and free stories = Finest demeanors portrait = Portrait of entire madness = It readin' of person matters = Important side (after snore) = Most irritant deep fears, no? = or Transmit into deep fears = Fears & 'tripe' demonstration = Reports, frame & destination = Spared information tester = Spread information setter = Mind rest after operations

Radetsky march = Heard my tracks? = Hark streamy CD = Hark army-set CD = Hear my stark CD

A revolutionist = No riot, it's value = Value sortition = True violations = Voltaire. Suit, no?

Ivory-billed woodpecker = O, keep cool! Very wild bird

Eve Ensler's,'The vagina monologues' = Heroine's 'love nest' language & moves = Her love (amusing love) seen on stage = One vulgar, even hostile message, no? = Lie gone. One honest vulvar message = Message? Love snug & love inane throe

The investigation = He gets invitation

The investigations = Gives his attention

The police investigations = He insisting - 'Leave it to cop'

A starvation diet = I eat viands? A tort!

The countryside = Hide & rest county = You dine & stretch

Forensic medicine = I fond crime scene, I = I 'science of minder' = Science: 'I find more'

Generation = Ingrate one

Generations = Gone in tears = Ignorant, see = Strange one, I

Saddam exchanged taunts before hanging = Stings of executed damned Arab...Hang! Hang!

Tribunal = Nub: trial

The singer Bob Dylan (Robert Allen Zimmerman) = Bard & gentleman. 'Mobilize brotherly manners'

Procrustean bed = Bad person. Er...cut! = Abed curt person

The burial ground = But he our darling! = A 'hurting' boulder = I brought urn. Deal = Right, old-beau urn = Burier - 'Tough land' = Righto, undurable = I dug earth. Blur, no?

Between Scylla and Charybdis = Nice sally - 'Why bad centre's bad' = Clearly, tense by bad 'sandwich' = Whereby ascendancy still bad

The stimulus = I must hustle

Forensic journalist = Core: joins fun trials

Film director Akira Kurosawa = Mark force, war, aikido, rituals

Overeating = I note grave = or Negative

The overeating = Negative throe

Stop overeating = A rot even to pigs

Putrefactions = A rot up & infects

Long letter to sweetheart = To tell her - 'Not we greatest?'

Paternoster = Tears on pert = A repent-sort

The professional dancer = Senior of clean, hard step

The famous writer Joseph Rudyard Kipling = Protrudes hairy kid from jungle, with apes

Mephisto = So, The Imp = Ethos imp
one of the seven chief devils, the tempter of Faust

"It's been a hard day's night" = They sing a dear bands hit = Hasty British-agenda end = British set, handy agenda

Australian open = i.e. A sport. Annual

Australian Open Tournament = Annual tennis (top or amateur)

The beach scavengers = Catch seven bags here = Chest, bench, vase, gear...

Charles Simonyi = i.e. Rich man so sly

Nathuram Godse = Great human? Sod!

Nathuram Vinayak Godse = Outraged, vain, shaky man

Bush chides Iraq over recent executions = Heard butcher's excessive critique - 'No no!'

The Spaniard Carmela Bousada = Date, such an old Ma bears a pair

Tres bien = Er...in best

Yao Ming = I gamy, no?

Old soldier = O, does drill!

A soldier = Is loader

Entrance = Can enter

Isla Fisher = She is flair

Henry M. Paulson = Money-rush plan = Prune man? Oh, sly!

Video cameras = A sacred movie = A scared movie?

Hillary Rodham Clinton = C. Hill nominator? Hardly! = Thrill on Monica? Hardly!

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton = ...and I'll lead into rich harmony

The Russian defector = Oh, unrestricted & safe! = Code there is - Run fast = 'Friend' races to the US = In such fear to desert = I run to share defects = Ouch, deserter faints! = Cheated us & frontiers = Consider that US free = Red chief runs to East?

Obesity? = Bite soy!

Infidel = Find lie

Prometheus = Supreme hot = Presume hot = Muster hope = He most pure

A chocolate collection = Alcohol, cocoa inlet, etc.

A pathologist = Hospital-toga

Forensic pathologist = I got into half corpses = 'Lights' proof into case = His 'glint' to proof case

The censors = Short scene

The forensic pathologist = Proof - it lightens 'hot case' = The apt relics of shooting

The Asian Bird Flu epidemic = If media published, certain! = I mind the idea, public fears

Internet spam = Is entrapment = Set men in trap

(Alain) Prost = Sport

Forest Whitaker = Hit for week? Star?

British Parliament = Airs thine PM T. Blair

French anti-semites = 'Fete' in Christ's name

There is = It's here

The Maid of Orleans = Foolhardiest name = 'Lionet' - head of arms = Led aims of a throne = Leads aim of throne = A homeland - 'To fires!' = O, flamed hero- saint!

The Maiden of Orleans = One flamed saint hero

The Van Allen's radiation belts = 'A tent'. Save Earth, land & billions

The cirrhosis = This sore rich

Boris Leonidovich Pasternak = It 'Bolshevik-Draconian' prose

Author Boris Leonidovich Pasternak = Old patriotic Russian book? Hah, never!

Pasternak's 'Doctor Zhivago' = Havoc-period. Tzar's 'got sank'

Is there life on Mars? = Is aliens therefrom? = Other lifes remains?

Costa del Sol = Cosset a doll = Coolest lads!

Animadversion = 'Armed invasion' = A damn revision = Invaders aim, no?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica = Notice inlay: Each part in A, B, C, D, E...

Nine US soldiers killed in the Iraq bombing = 'Blood bill' requires names & inside thinking

Liverpool knocked title-holders Barcelona out of the Champions League = Looks like English football team dethrone each old European Cup victor

King Lear = Large kin

Clint Eastwood in the film 'The Good, The Bad and the Ugly' = Blondie, Angel Eyes & dolt Tuco. Hot fight with damn Death = Find The Blondie, hot Angel Eyes & mad Tuco with that gold

Chinese woman makes history in Ireland = Anna Lo(weak Erin-minority) heeds schism

The former Playboy centerfold Anna Nicole Smith = OD. Hereby my last chapter of normal 'innocent' life
[OD: overdose]

Hamlet's soliloquy = Squeal-'Holy, I'm lost!'

The famed terpsichorean Isadora Duncan = Hear it - I danced a thousand performances = I, Hetaira, danced thousand performances

Ethical code = Dealt choice = i.e. Cold teach

The 'Amor Amor' = Mother-Aroma

Eau de toilette 'Amor Amor' = Made true elite aroma too

Sinapism = Miss pain = I in spasm

The tornadoes = O, Earth stoned!

Dangerous narcotics = O, 'turd', grass 'n' cocaine!

Raimonds Bergmanis = Big Iron Man's dreams

Jeanne D'Arc, the Maid of Orleans = Some dear, French national jade = Oh, jade-man risen to lead France = Jade, as male, redo French nation = French jade, dame, "National Rose" = Aha, to join, redeem France-lands!

Actress Shannon Tweed = Now she ascendent-star

Computer software developer Charles Simonyi = Review (shortly): Led Europe-Microsoft & spaceman

Francois Mitterand = It is mordant France

Latin America = Inca material = It racial name

Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida = O, Wonderland for 'wild' lads or laity!

The Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida = O, holidays! Forward Little Wonderland!

Campbells condensed tomato soup = Best and also complete compounds!

Anti-USA protest = Our States inapt?

North Korea would allow UN inspectors = We shall narrow nuke- production-tools

Saint Peter's Basilica = Alias 'Priest's cabinet'

The Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta = Here major East Timor person (it's him)

The Atropa Belladonna = Oh, note: a 'real bad' plant

A land overflowing with milk and honey = Known Holy Land within 'flavored' image

The Norton AntiVirus = Invasion/tort hunter

Norton AntiVirus (complete package)= 'An armour' (given tool keeps PC intact)

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman and Ronnie Wood = D.j., let me hear awkward, chic, hairy rock band 'Rolling stones'! I'm waiting!

Colonel Gaddafi = I glad-faced loon = Leading fool & cad

Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi = Recall, I am mad, fool and a mug

Robin Hood of Locksley = O, fishy noble & old crook!

Robin of Locksley = Noble, frisky & cool = O, robs folk nicely! = If Noble - sly crook

Sir Robin of Locksley = No yells, I rob for sick = I rob nice or sly folks = Slyer. I nick (rob) fools

Virginia Tech massacre = Grave & his Satanic crime

Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe = She caught Royal Prince's heart. Bill lolls - got a heart trauma

Eva Hitler = Evil heart = Evil hater

It a relevant ~ alternative

Virginia Tech campus = A chap, ire, gun, victims = C.S. Hui - 'acting vampire' = C.S. Hui - 'am acting viper'

Adolf Hitler and his Eva Braun = Ah, it's a Fuhrer and a blind love!

The Parisian streets = Aha, prettiest sirens!

A drought = Guard - HOT!

Admire = I dream = I'm dear = Er...maid!

Adoption = O, not paid!

Aeration = O, neat air!

Affection? = In fact, foe

Alive and kicking = Living idea & knack

Moist = O, mist!

A billion = I on a bill

Popular science fiction = Unclear, specific option = If icon - planet occupiers

Craig Bellamy = Glib & racy male = Clearly, am Big!

Craig Douglas Bellamy = Cordial ball-games guy = Go, dear guy, claim balls!

Matrimonial = I'm marital, no?

Wet behind the ears = He brat, he needs wit = He needs wit & breath

Sylvester Stallone = O, vastly relentless! = No style stars level

The Cinco de Mayo party = O, meat & pyrotechnic day!

Concentration = O, inner contact! = Connection-art

Chandelier = Hire candle

Collaboration = A lot in co-labor

Augmentation = I get an amount

Competition = I mince to top

Compote = Come & pot

Comprehensible? = Hence is problem?

Confrontation = Action on front

Confusion = In focus? No!

Consultation = Can't? Solution!

Correction = O, incorrect!

Corruption = Pro in court

Christine Marie Evert-Lloyd = My 'little-horrid' serve in...Ace!

Middle East arms race = Clear! maddest armies = Armies came & straddle = Mad leaders at crimes = A derelict drama & mess

A Middle East arms race = Same dramatic leaders = Same dramatic dealers = Same racial, mad desert

Venus de Milo = Line moved us

America the beautiful = But a failure each time

Mats Wilander = Lad - 'win-master'

Sahara desert = Area's hardest = Sets hard area

The American Express Card = Er...Dramatic expense & crash = Err...Dramatic cash expense

Ra, The God of Sun = O, fond Huge Star!

Actress Alice Krieg = Stars' ice-like grace

Rafael Vicente Correa Delgado = Ain't a clever leader. Good farce

Mujahid Osama Bin Laden = Bad man in jail? Madhouse? = I so unable jihad madman

Thomas Paine = Ah, man is poet!

Mister William Tunstall-Pedoe = I still manipulate words. Let me!

'Rolling Stones' Keith Richards = Dear rock 'n' roll hits, he sings it

Director Sydney Pollack = Do old tricky screenplay

PM mister Anthony Blair = Brits imply - Another man!

Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs = She's stranded infant & we hew. Vow!

Actor Tobey Maguire, best known for the Spiderman movies = I very fit, I make cobwebs, guard poor & net mean, hot monsters

Thomas Edward Lawrence = Where M.East and 'cold war'

Claude Oscar Monet = Made colours 'enact' = Can use 'tamed' color

C.O. Monet and P. A. Renoir = Modern art? O no, an epic!

Actress Katherine Heigl = Here she like acting star

Impressionist Gustave Caillebotte = See strong, optimistic, 'live' tableaus = Got live cities prints, some tableaus

Hosni Mubarak = O, a brisk human! = U monkish Arab!

Walter Richard Rudolf Hess = Coward Fuhrer's (Hitler's) lad

Windows Internet Explorer = New 'torrent'! See world in pix

Actress Angela Bassett = A clean, best stages star

Vladimir Putin, George Bush and Tony Blair = Big, unearthly, overbidding manipulators

An intercourse = Union, 'race', rest

The Prime Minister Tony Blair = Mental Tory in British Empire = My intolerant British Empire = There I trim problems & inanity

The Global Warming = Big warmth, all gone

Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor = She bizarre lady 'to loot' men

Actress Maria Magdalene Dietrich = America-star hides German dialect = Maid is a real, rich & decent megastar

The Brunei Princess wed in lavish ceremony = Very rich bride wins helpmate (union scenes)

Terpsichorean = Her part so nice! = O, it's her prance! = Actor spin here = Archers, pointe = Stir, hop, careen

Old synagogue = God, angels & you = Ay, God's lounge! = God alone & guys

The old synagogue = Gently, a God-House! = Go see Godly haunt = Goal - hunt God's eye = House only gadget = Old gauge - honesty = Gauged Holy-Stone = God atones, hugely = God so neatly huge = One God, hale & gutsy = God, only He, A Guest

Mattress = Rests-mat

Lewis Hamilton has won The Canadian Grand Prix = As next national champion, lad wins high reward = This new exhilarating champion 'lands on' award

How come 'abbreviated' is such a long word? = O, huge! Above, old comic Bernard Shaw's wit.

Either that wallpaper goes or I do = That 'pearl' - poor O. Wilde's 'heritage'

International = Learn it in NATO?

The arrows = War & throes = Others war

The poisoned arrow = Ooh, stirred weapon! = A 'shower' to pride, no?

Salman Rushdie is knighted = He's hunting Islam dark side

The President of the United States of America, George Walker Bush = Bad rated, pert ego, reckless man...I get effort in the White House, USA = Funked, macabre leader got stage. Prefers to sit in the White House = World Trade Centre's outrage his huge mistake. He's 'patentee' of fib.

The Collection of Tragedies, written by William Shakespeare = It a new series of weird plays. It King Lear, Othello, Macbeth, etc.

The Father's day = He's earthy & daft = He's hearty & daft

Too much wine = I touch women

International Women's Open = Real women in a top tennis, no?

Auf Wiedersehen = When free ..."Adieus!"

Examination = I...No, I am a....NEXT!!

Midas = Is mad

'Deep forest' music = CD of supreme site

Shove it! = His veto

Hopeless = H-e-e-l-p! SOS!

The Russian revolution = Soviet union's real = Riots. Union have result = Tovarish Lenin route us

Always look on the bright side of life = O, life is OK! I forget all the washy & bond = Oh, don't see filth of bias, ill, weak, gory!

There is no place like home = Real homesick. I telephone.

Mother Nature = Ah, True mentor! = Her name - Tutor = Tour there, man! = Tour , Earthmen! = More than true

What can I do? = How? Can't aid!

The disloyalty = Hate & do it slyly

Television = i.e. Lies on TV

Temptations = Main, top test

Elvis Presley = Sip & yell verse

Exotic sight = Sex; I got itch

Give us a bit optimism = A big MUST. I'm positive

Spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs = Cards! (Husband is most pleased)

Manchester United = Nice team? Nuts! Herd! = Ten in red. Such team!

Playlets = Let's play!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions = DOING leads to Lord, not 'I wish it, even hope that...'

Pianofortes = Fits on opera

General idea = An agreed lie

I'm not that kind of girl = Taking hint - flirt--mood = Tonight I mind for talk

Look what they done to my song = Got easy, hot-hot, known melody

The smile of Mona Lisa = Loons, I am this female! [i.e. Leonardo da Vinci himself]

Man does not live by bread alone = Note, I demand real love, baby-son... = O, I demand eternal love, baby-son... = Reveal boloney: obtain demands!

Counsel = Clues, no?

Walt Disney 'Pocahontas' = Told, was captain's honey

Abd-ar-Rahman = Hard Arab-man

Phallus = Shall up

Ambulance driver = Brave-medical-run

Kleptomaniac = I con & take lamp...

The hermaphrodite = Mother hid there Pa

The secret lover = Settle her & cover

Hippodromes = Oh, rides-pomp!

The Spanish flamenco = Females hop in chants

Trues are...treasure

Entertainment = Meant Internet? = Men at Internet

The groom and the bride = Both 'honed' & get married

Kareem Abdul Jabbar id est Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor = Undid a wide, fine basketball career, as L.Bird & M. Jordan

Christmas comes but once a year = Come, you smartass! Be nicer & chat

Mona Lisa (real name is 'La Gioconda') = So, again, Leonardo & 'maniacal' smile

Ashton Moore = Ooh, a monster!

Chernobyl disaster = Horrible days & scent

Diplomats = Spoilt & mad

Submarine = Marine-bus

Private tennis coach = An active sport-niche = I can patch into serve

New Years resolutions = New, lousy reassertion = Iron rules? Yes, no sweat! = One is swears - Only true! = No war, lust, sin, eyesore = Now, I truly see reasons

The chronic disease = Er...his chances to die = O heed, this is cancer!

Disembarkation = i.e. Damn boat - risk!

I've got...to give

The metallurgist = Ultra-might steel

The financier = Rich, neat, fine

An Alzheimer disease = Seem, I a senile-hazard

Criminality = I'm nary licit

Jurisprudence = Run prejudices

Gregorian chants = Stern 'gang', a choir

Via satellite = At least I 'LIVE'!

Censorship = He crops sin

The weight-lifters = Re: Fight with steel!

Cheetah = He cat, eh!

Fate has decided otherwise = Direct is - 'Oh, he was defeated!'

The loose girl = To Hell, orgies!

Beautiful girl = I all but figure

The Oscar statue = Oh, create status!

The road accidents = I'd tot: each cars' end

Hibernations = Oh, it bears 'inn'!

That is to say...it has to stay

Former French President Charles de Gaulle = HM nice, perfect 'frogs land's' leader. He ruler.

The unprintable anagrams = Unpleasant, a nightmare, br....

The French cook = Reckon 'hot chef'

An impressionist = I in spots smearin' = Is points smearin' = I'm "stains-person", I

Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince of Denmark - To be or not to be, that is the question = Heirs' memorable queer hesitations, that betoken potent fears and top shock

The hospital patients = Test this top pain & heal

Mountain Everest = O, it means venture! = Vet mountaineers = I must venerate, no?

If you are to describe the truth, leave the elegance to the tailor = The reality - facts - vulgar, hated & eerie. There thee 'boot' elocution

Limited time offer = Timed for lifetime?

Agatha Christie, Murder on the Orient Express' = Here text: Grouped hero-massacre (in this train)

The horse guards = Hurrah, go steeds!

La Fontaine = I tale-fan, no?

Eucalyptus = Cut, use, play

The military = Hi, army title!

Love at the first sight = Is to vest heart-flight

Most our children lack...the Rock and Roll music!

Telephone directories = I plot here erotic needs

Homeopathy = Ooh, empathy!

The force of gravity = To verify g-factor, eh! = Forgive theory. FACT.

The 'Werther's original' candies = Another rich darling sweeties = Danger's there within - calories = I, rare new taste cherishing old

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair = Healthy Briton. Can only snarl

The best football player in the world - Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele) = Added note: This ebony fellow is able talent, phenomenal top scorer & star!

Michelangelo's statue 'David' = Old athleticism, nude savage

Morganatically = Amatory-calling = Loyal & tragic man = Romantic gal-lay

The mother nature is calling = Hi, man! (regular toilet-stench)

Emotional insanity = It is inane, mat, loony

James Bond's serial = Real Man's job sides

The 'James Bond' serial = There Man's job & ladies

Females = Feel, Sam!

Masturbation = An aim - to burst = Mania to burst

X and Y chromosomes = Ah, common sexy 'rods'!

The Fine Young Cannibals = A big fun. Can listen, honey!

The Oprah Winfrey Show = Fat one. Why worship her?


Newcastle United = Salute decent win

The American continent = Ancient, ancient Mother

Don Quixote de la Mancha = He (qua) exotic and old man

Pamela Anderson = Reason man paled = One real damn sap

English Premier League football = Regular belief - hooligans 'temple' = Temperable, ill hooligans refuge

English Premier League = Huge, 'ripe' men galleries

The famous composer Frederic Chopin = O, his French-mood music & opera, perfect!

The American actor Tom Cruise = I cinema star. Cute charmer too.

Rome, Eternal City = More recent Italy

Motion picture 'Alexander' = I exotic, proud, eternal man

A typical American = 'Clean' aim - rapacity

World of cinema = Claim of wonder

Fatso = So fat

Massachusett's bay = Sea, but mass yachts

Pills = P.S. ill

The stains of semen = Manifest on sheets

Pulchritudes = Cupid hurtles = Hustler, Cupid!

The prophecies of Nostradamus = His mouthed forecasts on paper

Painter Claude Monet = Our talented epic man = A pure 'demonic' talent = Muted, pale art. Nice, no?

'I, Claudius' by Robert Graves = (sic) About very big sad ruler

Tiger Woods = Good wrist, e?

Durex contraceptives = Penis-duct extra cover

The Blessed Eucharist = HE cuts, bleeds...Share it! = Bread's the clue, thesis

The footballer Diego Armando Maradona = Oh, lad from Argentina-team! A loaded boor!

The vegetarian meals = Hi, gal never eats meat!

The porcelain toilets = Nice & tall to shit or pee = I in the real top closet = A cell to shit or pee, nit! = The certain stool-pile = All rotten piece o' shit

Habeas corpus = So, chap abuser

Pilates method = It's made to help

Arthur Conan Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes stories' = Sleuth locates crooks error; many he holds in

Terra Incognita = Terrain: I can't go

The Arabian desert = Bitter sand area, eh! = I bear ardent heats

The Winter Olympic Games in Sochi = We promising nice, homy athletics

Race to the White House begins = The Cabinet goes with rehouse

Help rebuild lives and communities in hurricane affected states = Pure idea. The Bush-Clinton fund lifts medical service, reanimates

A miscreant = Mean racist = Crime-Satan

Alice Hobday = O, be a hic-lady!
[She has been hiccuping for the last 20 years]

The 'Nivea' = It heaven!

The 'Nivea' gel-cream = Large achievement!

Protests in Pakistan = Riots spin & knap state

The Middle East Peace negotiations = Palestine - agitated, sectioned home

Greek Achilles = Large sick heel

Bin Laden issues warning on Iraq and Israel = No grins. Al-Qaida ensures asinine blind war.

France ushers in New Year's smoking ban = Frogs wane 'chimneys', rakes insane 'burn'

Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's = Fast food or darned lunch-mockery

Plane with ten aboard crashes in Alaska = A clear snow-blankets, an airship, a Death

Levee breaks amid West Coast storms = Dams' set-waters became risk to solve

An added = Addenda

Report of UFO = Proof of true?

The gourmand = Mouth-danger = Mad to hunger

Oversimplification = (sic) A primitive 'n' fool = I from naive politics

The customer is always right = Myth & laughter ('cos I waitress) = Waitress (laugh) - 'Come & try this!'

Scottish chemist Charles Mackintosh = Sets thick 'mesh/schism' raincoat cloth

The Italian physicist Galileo Galilei = On a high Pisa I elicit & tally legalities

Religion is the opium of the masses = Implies enough stories of atheism = Theism is morphine, false guise too = Theism is poison, is 'Rule of the Game' = Theism - he's poison, failure, egotism = Seems theism is huge potion or 'fail' = Life rough. Seems theism is a potion

Ashley Alexandra Dupre = Had pure sex and real lay

Puritanical lifestyle = Alliance & purity itself = Lay-clients are pitiful = Nuptials - real felicity = Actually, pristine life = Face it, lay - insult & peril

Professor Walter Lewin = One laws & powers trifler

The American actor Michael Douglas = Oh, real star! Magical, touched cinema.

Magnetic = 'Magic net'

Sacerdotal = Sacred, a lot = A Lord-caste

Sacerdotalism = I almost sacred

Marathon Seoul = Some run! A lot, ah?

A monotony = Too many, no?

Spring is in the air = Is heart-inspiring!

Confidant = O, can't find!

A Chevrolet Silverado = Love road-star vehicle = O, road-travels-vehicle!

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz = Just a crazed Red, fool 'n' liar

Polygamist = Gimp to lays

San Diego, California = Sea, air, lacing in food

Crime doesn't pay = O, it's damn creepy!

Titanic, The Unsinkable Ship = Until ice knaps it in the bash

The United States Government = Don't trust these negative men

The coitus = Touchiest = Host cutie = Hot cuties = O, hi cutest!

Stomach stapling operation = A chop to patients' organ...Slim?

Christian ideology = Only God is hieratic!

Bandit = Bad nit

Hippocrates = Chop-parties! = i.e. Chop parts = Chop, it spare!

Venus Williams defeated Marion Bartoli = Blow of 'raveled' maid. Title remains in USA

The Princess Diana = She ends in a pit-car

Steven Demetre Georgiou alias Cat Stevens now Yusuf Islam = Evocative singer gets away & turns into eased useful Moslem

The California Golden Bears = Headings in football career

Great Smoky Mountains = Me making a stony tours = Making some nasty tour

Cognitive therapist = Giant theoretic spiv = Tragic...then positive = Visiting top teacher = Visiting top cheater = O, visiting that creep!

Salmonella = On all meals

The hurricane Felix = He erratic influx, eh?

Israeli 'spy' Mordechai Vanunu = Pan, he is a very ridiculous man
[pan - to critisize]

Roland Emmerich's 'The day after tomorrow' = Some lower dramatic 'hydro-threat' for men

EURO finals, Portugal, Lisbon = O, lea & unsurprising football!

Honest? = He's not! = She not!

Society of Jesus = Sect; issue of joy

Couple of megabytes = Maybe goes to 'fuel' PC?

I practised ...pediatrics

The famous sportswoman Nadia Comaneci = Was cute, modest Romanian champion, oafs!

One strange animal - liger = Means a large lion 'n' tiger

The footballer = He 'battler' & fool

Hetaerism = Harem-site

Painter and scientist Leonardo da Vinci = Precision, standard, icon, a divine talent

Pleasure = Super ale! = Pure sale

The simultaneous orgasms = Usual moans together, miss = Smasher, got mutual noises! = Shouts also rung same time = Soul-shouts rang same time

Ernest Hemingway = Name's with energy!

Intelligence Quotient = Quite nice, telling note

The anti-aging treatment = At time-negating art, then

Mother's little helper = Throes? Her mettle-pill

Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev = Thick Russian; high verve & cheek

English proverbs and sayings = N.B. Vary lingo designs & phrases

Painters = Sea print

Satan - Prince of Darkness = Data: Enforces sin & pranks = Case of prankster and sin = So, face prankster and sin

The oldest profession in the world = Need it? Find whore, trollop, hostess...

United States of America = Dictator. Senate is 'a fume' = See an attitude of racism = Inside, a true taste of Mac = i.e. Infatuates Democrats = It's 'Free to act' - Made in USA = It force-state Made in USA = Fete to racist Made in USA = See for maniacs attitude = Fetid in most acute areas = Dictates to 'A free animus'= De facto is neat, is mature Our state made finest CIA = Meet our fantastic ideas

Trojan horse tale = Hot roan - real jest
(roan - horse)

Tale of Trojan horse = Foal or another jest?

President Bush = He's bit spurned

So, the war in Vietnam is a fiasco? = America's invasion - hit of waste?

Agatha Christie's Poirot = Right, I chase a rapist too

Homo Sapiens = O, man is so hep!

Gilbert and Sullivan = Ballads turning live

David and Batsheba = Diva ends a bath bad

She's a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother = OK, she's dirty, tough, hot, mordant knave & 'monkey'. Yet, I like her

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark = Frank man & the Cold Empire

Laura Ingalls Wilder's 'Little house on the prairie' = Her tale - all low lies, unrestrained girlish Utopia.

Erotic fantasies = Ai, fast erections!

Frustration and despair = Rats, I darned! Unfair! Stop!

The heavy crime = Eh, I have't mercy!

The oldest profession = O, dispose rotten flesh!

Woman = Ma now

Automatic gear = Am out, I get a car

Demetria Guynes = Sugary teen Demi
[Demi Moore]

The English soccer = He gets chronicles

Races driver Emerson Fittipaldi = Trivial terrific speeds-...and more!

Treason = One's rat

Grand finale = A flaring end

Painter El Greco = Er...grace, top line = Grace & repletion = Elegance or trip?

Do's and Dont's = Odd stands, no?

The famous criminals = or Such mafia-men list

Polygraph test = Apt. Helps. Go, try.

Actresses Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, and Sarah Jessica Parker = 'Sex and the City'; stars in this movie. Carnal japes and lark critics rank as a 'risk'.

The show-girl = Hi, worth legs!

Shark-infested waters = States where dark fins

The Temptations = Potent hits team

Pre-revolutionary Russia = Previously, in our tsar-era

Hieronymus Bosch = Oh, my brush so nice!

The intercourse = Sh, true erection!

Adolf Hitler = Drill of hate

Red Hot Chili Peppers = Propel rich deep hits

Actress Sophia Loren = She special star, or no?

Animal vivisection = No, a sin! Victim alive!

So help me God = Homed gospel

The intelligence = Lithe, gentle, nice

Horsepower = Where spoor

Pianofortes = Pair of notes = Fit on operas = In soft opera

One googol = e.g. long OOO....

The other woman = or The new hot ma

Celebration = or Nice table

Decoration = O, in Art-deco! = Iron-coated

The androgen = Ah, 'Not-gender!'

Virulent = Evil turn

My old woman = Now moldy ma

Electronics = Note cicles

Phantasmagoria = Oh, is apt - Anagram!

President = It spender = Need trips

Disaster = Star dies = Er.. it's sad

South America, Brazil = It our rich zeal - SAMBA!

Groom and bride = Go bond, married = Odd mirage born

Failure of health = Hah, of ill feature!

At any price = Pay certain

Sin against The Holy Ghost = Satan's thing, his theology

Diamonds = Maids nod

Cluster of spectators = Respects/flouts actor

Mona Lisa = A man's oil

Christmas = It's charms

Televiewers = We see TV & rile

American actress = Main career - casts = Scenarist, camera...

Between ourselves = We're so even & subtle

The chicanery = Rich cheat, ney?

Acerbity = Act by ire

Hide-and-seek = See kid? Ah, end!

Hors d'oeuvres = Devours horse?

Everlasting = Invest large

Buzzers = Sure b-z-z

Purchases = Purse & cash

The Laws of Nature = What not, safe rule! = What true/false, no?

Freudian slip = Prudes in fail = Failin' prudes

Better a living dog than dead lion = Tend & gain to be alive and old, right?!

Cosmopolitan = Is cool top man = It's cool - no map!

Nightingale = Genial 'thing' = It nigh angel!

Onanism = O, man, sin!

Famous singer Paul Anka = Usual, par man. A King's foe.

Stumble = Tumbles

There is six condoms in a pack = Choice is - rampant sex & no kids!

Velocipede = Lope-device

White House, Washington DC = Inside? Thug, he who acts now

Sting and The Police = Angled top nice hits

The package tour = Take group & teach

Teach one's grandmother to suck eggs = Suggest to aged reckon on the charms = Suggest to an aged to check her norms

The minor = In mother = More thin

The compulsive anagrammer = Put me in, am each 'grams lover

The confusion = He not in focus

Nuclear spy = Any scruple

Sabre-rattling = Rears battling

Made for one another = Hard frame: One to One = Enamored of another?

The economy packs = Pocket cash money

The jurisdiction = Hi, no justice, dirt!

The jurisdictions = ID (in short) - justice

The city of Liverpool = Chief port; lively too! = O, it lovely chief port! = Oh, love & felicity port!

International airports = Airliner-stop (not a train)

I am not myself today = Testimony of malady

A 'Tony Awards' = Art nowadays

Seventh Idol David Cook = Oh, lad's kind voice voted!

The sprinter Usain Bolt = Ah, list! I best top runner = This 'bestial' top runner = This stabile top runner = or I hit, planet's best run! = Able in short, 'petit' runs = It able in the run-sports

LeBron Raymond James = Yes, male 'born M. Jordan'!

Thomas Lauren Friedman = Author. Man framed lines.

No limits, no excuses = O, smile, sex counts in!

Flat Earth Society = O, the facts? Reality?

Bo Diddley = Died by old = Old did 'bye!'

Holy land, Israel = Yes, I Lord 'n' Allah!

Food, drink and cigarette = O, kind diet & danger factor!

The political spectrum = Hot multiple practices = Host multiple practice

Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam = Militants; afoot reliable regime

Castro = Tsar Co.

A minor...or main?

Salmonella Enterica = Meal is not real clean! = Er...lo, meals ain't clean!

The penis enlaregment = Repine meanest length

Debit = I debt

Edouard Leon Cortes = O, used a tender color! = One deeds - colour-art = Needs colour to dare = Read on color etudes

The Blue Marble = Belle Earth, bum!

Gentle sex = Let X-genes

Ernesto 'Che' Guevara = A true chaos & revenge = Eager venture & chaos = Hate nerves...Courage! = See anger & true havoc = Hero gave us 'A centre' = Tough as a reverence = Thou - reverence saga = Aha, gusto & reverence!

The waters = Earth's wet = Wets earth

The New York Times = They kit more news = O my, there news-kit!

The 'Victoria's Secret' lingerie = I aesthetic girl's entire cover

'Good cholesterol' = or See logo to HDL-C

Save the rainforests! = O, trees vanish faster!

Earth's forests = 'Stash' for trees

Francois de la Rochefoucauld = Ooh, focused careful cardinal! = Ah, could use force of cardinal! = Lo, audacious French face Lord!

Jules Gabriel Verne, 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea' = He revealed 'Nautilus' journey's beneath waters; guts-legend

Mark Cavendish = Hacks in mad rev = Hack in mad revs

Pope Benedict XVI = Expect divine bop

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. = Champions in beer. Use such can!

A praised...paradise

Barack Hussen Obama = Abask America, no Bush! = Ah, USA, some brain back!

Miss America Contest = Most nicest is a Cream!

Colorado Technical University = Live on nice lady-tutor, sir-coach...

Acropolis of Athens = Ooh, place for saints! = Location of seraphs = He's on capital's 'roof'

Pireaus, Athens = Sea, ship, nature... = Tune ships area

Pireaus, the port of Athens = For that purpose, in the sea

Staycation = Ay, ain't cost!
[vacation at home]

Cholesterol drug Vytorin = Right doctor & lovely nurse = Very strong cure to ill, doh!

'They Might be Giants' = Get the many big hits

Diego Armando Maradona = Oo, ardor and 'mad in a game'! = O, a game-domain and ardor!

Deniers of the Holocaust = ...cussed -,'Oh, Hitler not a foe!'

The burgomaster = Treat some burgh

The Federal Republic of Germany = Anger & fume by creep Adolf Hitler

'I can do all things through HIM who gives me strength' = The churl man's growth & high elevations in Gods' might!

The life in USA = Hi, I feel as nut!

Impertinence = In nice temper?

Hallucinogenic drugs = Ugh, luring cocaine & LSD!

David Foster Wallace = Deal alive word & facts

The Islamic leader ...dallies hate & crime = Heretical mislead? = I deal clear theism = Ideal & clear theism

Abu Dhabi = I a bad hub

A three hundred and sixty five days = Huh, evens tidy-fixed standard year!

Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island = Reword: Splendid vacations in Canada

Insurance = I can nurse

Health insurance = Hi, rent can heal us! = Can heal 'the ruins'

A grandfather = Ah, fart danger!

A grandmother = or The grandma = Grandma to her

A Manchester City Football Club = Best faculty team, brill coach. No?

Sean Patrick Flanery = Nice 'n' freaky pal. Star.

The dramatist William Shakespeare = Was 'a peak!' Theatres still admire him = His art made him as star. We keep it all.

Tenor Placido = Pal crooned it
Tenor Placido Domingo = Made top crooning idol = Top crooning idol, dame = Top! God or idol? Nice man
The tenor Placido Domingo = I adept, hot crooning model

A motion picture 'Body of Lies' = CIA importunes it bloody foe

The coach Fabio Capello = Football-ace. I 'chop' each.

'American Pie' films = Fair simple cinema

Don't publish my name = The Dumb, simply anon. = Don't spy, I humble man = Dumb the lips. Anonym.

Fernando Alonso = So, lad ran on F.One = Lad of Senna or no? = Fool ran on sedan?

Politics in the United States = It is lies, hate, stupid content

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston = Both join travels and sin. No pill = A van...Sinned. Pill? Jolt, birth soon! = Print: Both, lad 'n' lass, join in love

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel = True paragon and skilful man = Great sound in a full park, man! = Sound in park. Artful men. Gala = Painful song - an adult remark

Wall Street = We tell - rats! = Rest, wallet

The young and the restless = Then, see hunt, loss tragedy = Tush! nonetheless - tragedy

Millvina Dean = Land, man! I live!
(Titanic's survival)

Driver Lewis Hamilton = or Trivial wheels-mind

The erotic man = I am hot 'n' erect

'Late Show' with David Letterman = Wild, tart, white male heads on TV

Director Oliver Stone = Torrid love to screen, I

Bernard 'The Executioner' Hopkins = He - prudent boxer; 'inheritance' -KO's

Charles A. Lindbergh = Bring all, he crashed!

Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg = Remarkable charm; right below
[actor and underwear model]

Oleg Vladimirovich Deripaska = I am rich, I grip deals, love vodka
[Russian millionaire]

Religious fundamentalist = Men, our life is a dust, a glint! = I fall. I use trust in God. Amen!

Wings = Swing

Ole Miss = Lissome

'Now that the magic has gone' = Somewhat changing to hate

Vegetarianism = Re: I am veganist = Mister, I a vegan = Eager vitamins = I in 'starve-game' = I am serving tea = Meat? I? Grave sin!

Cockpit of airplane = A nice pack for pilot

The waiter = With eater

President-elect Barack Obama = America pretends to be a Black

'Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!' = 'This - meat', - was your fine reply

The final countdown = Until end of watch, no?

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair = Only the inborn sly charlatan = Real chaos by tall North ninny

Northern Los Angeles, California = Hot inferno grills one clans' area = One can grill as real, hot infernos

The Deripaska scandal = Sneak Red capital, dash

Kanye Omari West = We make noisy art!

Earnest Graham = Game's heart, ran = Hem...ran as Great!
[American foootball runner]

President Barack Hussein Obama = Sad nation. Peacemaker ribs Bush

Ford, Chrysler and General Motors = Oh, normally strong cars deferred!

The Palestine Liberation Organization = Antagonize Israel, battle their opinion

The Counter Strike = Nice trek, true shot
[computer game]

Anagrams never lie = Aver real meanings

Contradiction = It ain't concord

Oscar de la Hoya "The Golden Boy" = Real good healthy body case, no?

The Gibson Brothers = Three short gibbons

We are fighting shadows = This aged/newish war - fog = Ah, this new war is fogged!

Crime drama "The Godfather" = Mafia; get them hard record

Yves Saint Laurent = Analyst in vesture = I slant any vesture = Vain-natures style = Any suit's relevant

'Don't let the sun go down on me' = Do them old tune, not new song

'Every little thing she does is magic' = Yes, Miss Delight! Nice, great love-hit! = Agreed, Miss gets nice hit, lovely hit

Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, Britain = Harp a visit in our known, a terrific bard's town

Bermuda triangle = A gamble, intruder! = A tangible murder = Grim but a real end = A din - great rumble = I arranged tumble = Mean, large, turbid = Me (I) - brutal danger = Be alert, man, I drug! = Beat regular mind = Able at murdering = Belting marauder

'Message in a bottle' = Tenable aim - get SOS

Austrian Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger = Warrior/agent galls in hazardous scene

Back seat driver = Be track-adviser = Bad track? Revise! = Direct, 'bark', SAVE!

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet = Look, dear pal, 'Titanic' drowned in sea! = OK, do awarded panel in 'Titanic' roles!

Greta Lovisa Gustafsson = US loves 'gas' of giant star = O, love, gas, fuss! Giant star!
[Greta Garbo]

Swedish - American actress Greta Lovisa Gustafsson = Giant star of silent movies. Her success saga, awards...

The Athenian dramatist Sophocles = I attach at sleep, son and his mother

Le nozze di Figaro ossia la folle giornata (Commedia per musica) = Mozart's famous opera; a comic dialog realizing one's 'ideal' life

Defenestration = Die faster - no net!

Can we do it? Yes we can! = Concede, it's a new way!

Matisse, 'Pink Nude' = Spunkiest maiden

Henri Matisse, 'Pink nude' = Put in herein naked miss

The plastic money = No cash? Pity. Let me!

A tragedy = Great day?

The Washington Post = That hot 'n' new gossip

Giant Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro' = Groom (hair-setter) got amazing affair

Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre = Any neat education began? Torment! = An annoyed acute beating, torment

The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi = Connote to carved foolish boy, peculiar child = Carpenter's voiced, fictional boy-doll...Oh! Ouch!

Los Angeles, California, USA = Colossal Arnie in a sea-gulf

'Othello, the Moor of Venice' by William Shakespeare = Ebony hero (he was epic lover) aims to kill hot female = The ebony asocial hero kills white female over mop = Aha, here ebony lover, top male, comes to kill his wife = Hoar macho ebony lover kills his petite female. Woe = All real tale? Ebony hero chokes his wife. Motive - mop.

The movie 'Last tango in Paris' = Pair having emotional tests = To save mating relationship?

My documents, My pictures, My music = My cute computer is My mind, My cuss

The decapitation = I can't tie top (head) = Ain't death poetic?

The African continent = In fact, innocent earth

VAustralia = Air-valutas
[International airline]

Federico Fellini's 'Satyricon'= Ironical, dirty scenes of life = Direct, fierily confessional = Inference - crisis of old Italy

Life sucks and then you die = F***, destiny so unideal, eh!

The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) = Seamiest henchmen act vs Israel to maim

Economy crisis = Coin/coins misery

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert = Elite leadership is minimum terror = Minimum terror desire? Help, it's a lie!

Transgression = Er...strong as sin

Poet William Shakespeare = Marlowe is the lapse, I - Peak!

President Barack Hussein Obama = He's boss in a bankrupted America

How to find her G-spot = Wend for top, hot sigh

Motherly advice = Ma to every child = Very methodical

Chevrolet Optra = The top car, lover!

Cold, snow, the men ski = In Stockholm, Sweden

"Slumdog Millionaire" = I'll earn good sum. I, mil! = I earn old mil. I so glum

A metrosexual = Amour + latexes

'Hamburger Union' = Ah, bring our menu!

The famous Williams sisters - Serena and Venus = Won massive sums at tennis fields; share 'a rule'

'Race to Witch Mountain' = Cinema 'on tour'. Watch it!

The Irish Republican Army = Uhr, chaps aim Erin liberty!

White House = 'W' out. He is, eh.

Broadway theatres, New York = Aye, dear, entry to B. Shaw work!

Australia's "Sound Relief" Concert = Tunes, arts for local audience, sir

Film 'Enemies: A love story' = See not filmsy, real movie = Messy-life movie. Real? Not!

'Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens = A very wit-blest kids' chronicles

Ginola = In!..G-O-A-L

The astronautics = O, authentic stars!

Car owner = Careworn

'Aero Personal' = or Airplanes
[Mexical airlines]

'Ivanhoe' by Sir walter Scott = The basic violent war story

Brotherhood of men = Both - honor & freedom

American International group = 'No guarantee' or inapt, criminal = Corrupt manager, nation in a lie = A large, mean, corrupt inanition

The Somali pirate = A hostile primate

The Somalian pirates = A peril to this seaman

The climate changes = Cliche - Heat gets man

Aborigines = Base, origin

An epidemic = i.e. pandemic

The actor Clint Eastwood = I do that cool western act

London, Great Britain = Land at Breton origin

'The Old Man and the Sea' = Man's death - lone death

Nadia Comaneci = I can do 'n' I am ace

The signs of the zodiac = Hi, this got dozen faces

City of Yellowknife = I flee folky icy town = I feel folky icy town

Mister Simon Wiesentahl = Mission: waste Hitler-men

Ennio Marchetto = Oh, eminent actor!

Entertainer Ennio Marchetto = Cram entire theatre in one, not?

Yellowknife = Only few like

Dom DeLuise = Lo, Muse died! = I used model

'It is a foolish thing to make a long prologue and to be short in the story itself' = Ooh, ooh! Thereon so stupid to start lengthily , still making fine saga too brief

President Obama = A best man, period! = A most deep brain

The Spanish Armada = Had seamanship-art = Hard at seamanship = Ah, hard stamp in sea! = Aha, them Spaniards!

The fashion designer Gianni Versace = Ah, neat rig of his, a nice evening dress!

The global crisis = Er..big chaos, still

Bare-chested = Cedes the bra

Statue "Venus de Milo = Mute stone is valued = U sad mute live stone!

Don't cry for me, Argentina ...and try confront a regime

Caffeine = Fine cafe

Desperation = I need pastor = A tied person = A top need, sir

Metro Station = Treats motion

United States Naval Academy = Active men study sea at a land

Merriam Webster's dictionary = Remains my best 'word-criteria'

The Penguin Dictionary of Proverbs = Providing you brief phrase content

Susan Margaret Boyle = A bore, ugly star's name = Songs by real amateur

The general store = A lot genres there

'Sex and the city' = Excited 'n' nasty

X-Men origins: Wolverine = Nix new longer movie, sir!

Arlovski = Rival's KO

The esophageal cancer = Along speech-tracheae

A trachea = Chat-area

Author Willard R. Espy = Hi, 'Words at play' ruler!

Respirations = Spit air, snore

A motion picture "Schindler's list' = Holocaust in silent, direct prism = Holocaust. Script lines remind it

An old? = No, lad!

Miss California's...as firm as silicon

Apotheosis = He is so atop!

The ballroom dancings = man and girl, both close

Mortise and tenon = Damn, so enter into! = O, met and insert, no?

Treasure chest = Sh, a true secret!

International diplomacy = All piracy, domination-net

The Chernobyl Nuclear power plant in Ukraine = The uncannily blown peripheral nuke reactor

The music from Argentina = Same rich firm tango tune

Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece Sunflowers = Moving, elegant, freshest 'crown-cups' in vase

UFO photos = Thou spoof!

Scion = I C son

Male castration = Omit a carnal set

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint = Draw masterful Potter, gal and friend in cinema

Beethoven's Eroica = Ooh, nice! A best, ever!

Christopher William Bradshaw Isherwood = Adorable words while rich with aphorisms

Medieval wars against the Muslims in the Middle Ages, led by Christian kings = Whisking, deadly, evil crusades; mean, detrimental battles missing high aims

The dramatis personae = Pros names aid theatre

The lingam = Male thing

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial = Human moment - I aim to honor late rulers

The Guantanamo prison = O, that USA! Raping men, no?

Tropical storm Claudette = Mad clutter, peril to coast

South African Caster Semenya = A fact: once he ran as true missy

The Last Supper = 'Sheep' trust pal

British Royal Marine = It is an army. Horrible!

I need 'rags' = A designer

Chastity belt = By latch I test

An oasis in the desert = i.e. ease thirst on sand

The soldier Gilad Shalit = I, lad, still their hostage = Slight to halted Israeli

American imperialism = A criminal empire's aim

Ralph Waldo Emerson = Ah, all pen, more words!

'Don't cry for me Argentina' = Grief (rent Madonna to cry)

'Don't leave me this way' = Mate whined - Stay, love!'

The song 'Candle in the wind' = Scathed end. Elton whining.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad = Oh, a Tehran-drip, madman. Denies Judaism.

Beyonce 'Single ladies' = Nice lie. Gals need boys

Periodic Table of Chemical Elements = A rectifiable incomplete old scheme

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum = Am sheik, mammoth man, Dubai lord

David Wright Miliband = A wild, avid, bright mind

The missionary position = Oh, yes sir, it's main option! = I on the top 'o any miss. I, sir = I stay on her, I on top. I, miss

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries = It's truth: Israel made up vaccine

Take a gamble = Make a bet, gal

Take a position = OK, attain pose

Take a shower = Soak (water, eh)

Andrea del Sarto = One dear lad's art [painter]

Peter Silverman = Me reveals print [owner of Leonardo da Vinci's new painting]

The Goldstone report = No gold there, protest!

He met his Waterloo = I lost the war, eh? O, me!

Lethal dose = O, sell Death!

Dehydration = i.e. hot 'n' dry

Halloween costume party = We can put on REAL clothes

Inspector = I stern cop

The snoring problems = Mr. robs night sleep, no?

United Artists Company = Tops at cinema industry

Piano recitals = I air notes, clap!

Astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong = Moon landing - rarest, real stunt!

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal = Here, lad makes Allah ashamed

The ignoramus = Mr. 'A hot genius'

The singer Dana International = Dashing national entertainer

Fruits and vegetables = Best value. Fits garden = Defeat starving-blues

The middle ear = Did let me hear

The Emperor's New Clothes' fairy tale = Yells of: 'HM creep, he wears not attire!'

Former cities of East Berlin and West Berlin = Two became one. Residents refill rift in bars

Michelin star = Meal ain't rich?

The dormitory = Roomed thirty

'There's Something About Mary' = Both youngsters' aim: mate her

Siberian weather = A bias here - winter Russian city of Perm = Music party is on fire = No music party. Fire! = A 'crispy' misfortune

The Climate Talks = Task: Halt ice melt!

Osama bin Mohammed, bin Awad bin Laden = I who bombed lands, I bad man, I a mean man

West Qurna oilfield = Iraq: Found well site = Oldest fuel in W.Iraq

'Up in the air', starring George Clooney = Hero in one great picture gains glory

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi = I cunning producer of festive operas

Little Red Riding Hood = I, girl, 'hired' to tend old

Well known fairy tale 'Little Red Riding Hood' = They - little girl and leerin' wolf in dark wood

Bruce Springsteen, alias 'The Boss' = A superb singer! Best hits! So clean!

The Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutaliab = Fraud, a liar, true killer targets to ruin, a human-bomb

The knight in shining armour = Thinking - Union! He's a Mr.Right!

Porsche Carrers GT = Sport car, her grace = Recharge sport car

The Israeli Defense Force = Teen soldiers face fire, eh

Captain Chelsey B.Sullenberger III = Bet he rescues plane in a big, icy rill

The Middle East Peace Talks = Semites talked. Dealt pact, eh?

The Italian sculptor Nicola Pisano = I can cut, tailor, polish a plain stone

The Great Ocrober Socialist Revolution = Itch to a terrible violence. So, tsar, go out!

Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovich = You think crank Kiev-saviour?

Astrud Gilberto = Old, true, big star

Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo series = Artist's silent, lonely hero seems brave

Senior Hamas military commander Mahmoud Abdel Rauf al-Mabhouh = Harmful man, amoral man. A team murdered him. Chaos in Dubai...Shalom, boy!

The singer Andrea Bocelli = Gee, so I real blind chanter! = I real blind chanter. Go, see.

Singer Alison Moyet = I'm any genre soloist

Singing can rebuild the damaged brain = Chant, use rigid madrigal and be benign!

Popsicle = Ice plops

Paramedic = Apace, I'm Dr

President Akio Toyoda = i.e. Park, son, Toyota died = Disdain or keep Toyota? = Toyota in dark episode

Toyota Motor Corp President = End to car's promoter too. Pity.

Some electrons, protons and neutrons = Represent control on atom soundness

Boneyard = Body near = Bay or end?

Country music group 'Lady Antebellum' = Young play demotic, cultural numbers

The Costa Rica vacation = Can visit to cacao-earth

The Eighty Second Academy Awards = They mediated, changed Oscar ways

Female's reproductive system = Cultivates my free sperm dose

The number representing the ratio of circumference to diameter of a circle = Remember crucial rate, interchange's term, coefficient Pi -- three dot one four

Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien known as Dusty Springfield = British woman-singer. Spriest talent been frankly adored by audience

The former American President Ronald Wilson Reagan = Transposed from cinema to engineer near, hard, ill war

Mister Carlos Slim Helu = I, richest male, roll sums

Find amazing deals on top vacations = Facing a dozen valid stations on map

The 'Alice in Wonderland' story = A child enters inane toy-world = or Teeny child at insane world

The kleptomaniacs = Pinch to make steal

Kleptomaniacs = Pick, steal, moan

A French Revolution = France, violent hour

The Great Wall of China = Ah, watch at long relief!

Great City of London = Only detraction - fog

The Russian Revolution = Lenin, he's tutor & saviour

Message = Gee, a SMS!

The Nuclear talks = All nuke-chatters = Call - 'Nuke's threat!' = All rest chat 'nuke'

The Icelandic largest volcano = Tectonic ash covering all dale

NASA faked the moon landings = Fans asked to hang on damn lie = Hang on to damn lies and fakes

The video game industry = Media diverts The Young

Video game industry = Toy's a drug - 'Dive in me!

The Children of Israel = Search The Lord in life = I, Teacher, Lord in flesh = Re: Lord left HIS in each = Hi, Lord's eternal chief!

All skin types body lotion = Sold by silky potential, no?

The Prime Ministerial Debates = Theme: Elite Brits spar in media

Goldman Sachs Group = Scrap hoodlums gang!

Good atheist = O, God hates it!

The Good Samaritan = Oh, great aids to man! = O, it a God's earthman!

Good Samaritan = To air a God's man

The International Journal of Obesity = Learn to abolish routine fat 'n' enjoy it

Veronica Siwik-Daniels = Sin a sin. I a wicked lover

The paterfamilias = It is male, pa, father = I spelt - I am a father

Dzhanet Abdurakhmanova = Bad knave, hazard to human

The Sword of Damocles = Shadow reflects doom

The Sherwood forest = Few trees host R. Hood

Sherwood = We R. Hoods

Separation of Church and State = So, hence faith and courts apart

Sir Isaac's Newton apple tree = One scientist prepares a law = A scientist seen a proper law = A precise law's presentation

'That sounds good to me' [British song in Eurovision songs contest] = Smooth, outdated song = That song so outmoded = Oh, most outdated song!

A normal G-spot = Plan to orgasm

A concord = On accord

The CEO of British Petroleum Tony Hayward = Unworthy; hefty oil spot bothered America

[driver] Danica Sue Patrick = Pick a car and use it

What is the square root of hundred? = Huh, is adequate for short word - TEN!

Brooklyn = Look NY br. [br.: bridge]

The Otis Elevator Company = Can help move it to a storey

The Royal Shakespeare Company = Hope to see rare play & many hacks

The nuclear holocaust = Count chaos, a true Hell

The cyanide poisoning = Hi, nice sip to end agony! = Hey, poignant decision! = Hygienic end as option

The cyanide = They can die = Nice death? Y?

'Romeo and Juliet' story = Read to motley juniors

'God bless America' = So sad - beg miracle

Actress Elizabeth Taylor = Eyes-blaze. Total, rich star = Christ, eyes-blaze! To altar! [had many husbands]

The surrealist Salvador Dali = Shares 'visual riddle' art a lot

'Repuglicans' = Pigs can rule

Eleven hours and five minutes = Isner v Mahut use 'EVEN' on field

Oh, need hat ~ on the head!

Eldrick Tont 'Tiger' Woods = OK, credit to golden wrist!

Arlington National Cemetery = One can integrate in army toll

The Arlington National Cemetery = All gone hero; an interment at city

The tennis player Tomas Berdych = My, Nadal's best there! Nice trophy!

Cholesterol = O, he rots cell!

'Romeo and Juliet' play = All enjoy prude 'Ti amo!'

Robert James Fischer = I, brat from chess, jeer

EMINEM's album 'Recovery' = My more venerable music

The World Cup Finals ~ has plentiful crowd

Santiago Solari = O, I a star in goals!

The sculptor Auguste Rodin = O, producing result - statue!

Caryn Elaine Johnson (Whoopi Goldberg) = Oh, girl alone can bring deep joy on show!

Humphrey Bogart = Bah, Mr. Rough Type!

Maria Magdalene Dietrich = I, emigrant, made a rich deal

The Tropical Storm Bonnie = Not norm, it's peril to beach

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar = Rare human handles stick

The Bram Stoker's gothic novel 'Dracula' = Lug-charmer attacks others' blood-vein

Mahatma Gandhi = A man had a might

The politician Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi = A thin chap, India-man, had chaste and grim look

Tyson Gay stuns world-record holder Usain Bolt = Oh, actually, odd boy is world's strongest runner!

Peace won't come soon to Middle East = We (Semites) concede to 'A plan to doom'

Congeals = So, can gel

Ritalin tablets = Brat still eatin'

Eggs from Iowa farms could come to a table near you = Omelet food-bug's long way from America to a saucer

Top Gear' with host Jeremy Clarkson = Joker at the glimpse on worthy cars

Political memoirs = Topic - immoral lies

Congenial = Angelic, no? = Nice gal, no?

A lottery of Mega Millions = A lot of money, still mirage

The urine sample = Human pees liter

'Decision Points' by George W. Bush = Tipsy one describing W. House-bog = W. House President is big con, bogy = Describing bogey-post in W. House = Despot-bogey scribing in W. House = Bogy begins W. House description = W. House Pres. Bio: boggy incidents = Not big, dysgenic W. House Pres. Bio = Icy, ebbing, sot Pres. doing W. House

Netanyahu: Agreement possible within year = Unison-time is here, elegant pathway nearby

An hermaphrodite = Hinted - her ma or pa = Mother 'n' pa, I heard = Or Hid there ma 'n' pa

The 'Monty Python's Flying Circus' = Snotty, funny, sprightly, comic, eh?

Lipogrammatic sentences = Means: comic gap in letters

Tropical Storm Matthew = The worst, mortal impact

Diego Tristan = Giant steroid

L. Apotheker = Take HP role = OK, relate HP! = Leo - HP taker = Trek a HP, Leo!"

An evil-minded = Devil DNA in me = I manned devil = Named in devil ~ and devil in me

California leaders agree on budget = Arnold and Co. tie agreeable figures

The wind farms = Men wish draft

Samsung telephones = Huge panels note SMS

Manic Street Preachers = Parenthetic screamers = Creeps scream in the 'art'

Nepotism = Mine tops = Mine's top

Robert Edwards = Bred to rewards

Robert G. Edwards = Bred, got rewards

She never satisfied = Has five/ten desires

Armoury = Our army

The film 'Last Tango in Paris' = Fate, thrill, mating, passion

Last Tango in Paris = A pair lost in angst = Stars in plot again

The self-driving car = First grand vehicle?

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan = It's a major remake in Nippon senate = Major mistake in Nippon senate era

The archipelago = Oh, pelagic earth!

A sycophant = O, nasty chap!

Stage IV cancer = Accent is 'Grave'

The attorneys = Honest treaty

Demi Lovato = Maid to love

The crematorium = Time to char & mure

Show host Piers Morgan = Shoots his new program

A protesting = Anger: 'Stop it!'

The abortion = Hi, bear no tot! = Botheration

The sailor = Soil! Earth! = Rah! to isle = Lo, is earth!

The fashion model Hyoni Kang = Ah my, she hot and fine looking!

Chilean miner Edison Pena = Nice man deep in soil. He ran

Diana, the Princess of Wales = In past, Charles' one sad wife

A Personal Computer = Mac or Apple? Not sure

Taylor Swift = First to yawl

The launch of a nuclear missile = Uranium cancels life, eh? So, halt!

All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree (Einstein) = See, Lord an engineer of all the necessaries & each brain. (Smart scientist)

British couple finally freed from Somali pirates = Pitifully, it is release of Chandlers pair from mob

The airport screeners = Hence, reap terrorists = Pester in terror chase

The soprano prodigy Jackie Evancho = Enjoy hot voice, cap her - kid's paragon!

Ireland bailout fails to calm nervy Spain and Portugal = An actual Erin's fault - very appalling Madrid (Lisbon too)

The WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange = Judas white analogue? I like frankness!

Pharisaical = Chap is a liar

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark = Hero, man from play, detected father-king

Ahamednijad = Me and a jihad

President Ahmadinejad = I presented a damn jihad

Medal of Honor = O, for homeland!

Bankruptcies = Neat bucks r.i.p. = Pertain bucks

Iran nuclear talks get under way = Take warnings naturally - reduce

Die Antwoord = A new, odd trio
[Australian trio]

"The Social Network" = Owner likes to chat

Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly = Ah, I a bully, outlaw, bad mad Arab!
[suspected Stockholm suicide bomber]

The world's oldest profession" = Words define hostess (trollop)

Department of Homeland Security = Protect needy/haunted from Islam

Isabelle Caro = Bale calories!
[anorexic model]

Prying as ~ a spy ring

Sistine Chapel = Hi, nice pastels!

The rose diamond = Oh, admired stone!

The dementia ~ ate thee mind

The grave condition = Can invite her to God

"'Welcome to the pleasure-dome!' = O-O, here we made lust complete!

Niagara Falls in New York, United States = Features a lot waters, sinking any lad in

More birds drop dead in US = Odd end, a morbid surprise

Medal of Honor = Hero? Damn fool!

Players LeBron James and Kobe Bryant = Or spry, dear men enjoy NBA basketball

Innocency = None cynic

Iran vows to bring Israel to justice over alleged murder of nuclear scientist = Terrible, cruel assassination! Give more loud, urgent trial for convicted Jews!

"The Social Network" Dominates Golden Globes = O, looks well, good, best, the grandest in cinema!

The antidepressant medicine = Inspect, treat men inside head

The breast cancer = Er...can't bare chest

The Australian Open females competition = i.e. Na Li, at finals, to meet one top, sure champ

The Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak = Keeps denying riot in Arab state. Humph!

Demonstrations in Cairo, Egypt = O, many incidents, top rage, riots!

US Begins Evacuation Flights From Cairo = Thus Americans leaving focus of big riot

President Hosni Mubarak = Riots punish and break me

Deflorations = O, lad - first one! = Not for ladies!

Silicone breast = Celebration, sis! = Is license to bra = So, nicest bra - lie?!

Life on other planets = Let proof aliens, then!

A 'Trident Splash' [chewing gum] = Let's snap it hard!

Metropolitan Opera stage = Get, meet soprano-alto pair

The Spartans military education = I'm stoical student, I parry Athena

Juxtaposition = Up to joint axis

Michelangelo Buonarroti's "Creation of Adam" = O, God touches 'mire-born' man to a fair alliance! = Ah, mere Italian fresco in color about man & God

Fashion models = Fool maids & hens = Do some flashin'

Monotheism = ONE, Him most

The promiscuity = i.e. (sic) Try to hump

The serial monogamist = Noisome, straight male = To smash one girl a time = At most, he aims one girl = Aims one gal (short time)

Beautiful engagement ring = Great blue genuine gift, man!

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies [Aristotle] = But wife is spiritless, emotionless obligation... good vocal, no head

Slave trader = Sad traveler

Israel is an island of the democracy = Holy Land is a main force, sacred site = Holy Land nice, sacred site from Asia

Apophis Asteroid = Ooh, it disappears!

Our marvelous Planet Earth = Pure love, as natural mother = Mother, a supernatural love

Obama's second year = May score as bad one

Teenage girl collapses and dies after first kiss = Registered fatal necking for lass. It displeases.

Solution for everything = History: Not gunfire - LOVE!

Los Angeles 'Clippers' forward Blake Griffin = Offers NBA life, grace, lip, power, grand skills

Egypt echoes across region: Iran, Bahrain, Yemen = Arabs seethe, copy Cairo's harmony-engineering

'They Might Be Giants' = Sing the mighty beat

'Sacramento 'Kings' player Omri Casspi [first Israeli in NBA]= Israeli sportsman picks racy game, no?

Middle East protests = Old states distemper

A slot machine = Ah, metal coins!

Just in time = JIT (minutes)

The wrongly imprisoned man = My, got drawn in irons!..Help me!

'Belly Fat Free' [diet book] = Be flat, freely!

Russian Roulette = O, result ain't sure!

Arab world unrest = Darn troubles, war!

Space shuttle Discovery's last launch = NASA cuts the travel ship's loud cycle

Actress Natalie Portman = Name Oscar in latest part

The adversary = Very sad hater

Contraction is ~ a constriction

The architect Antoni Gaudi = A neat church got initiated

Pedophiles = Pope-shield

The priests-pedophiles = Pope shields their step

Kilometers = Trek 'o miles

The Port of Marseilles = Temple for the sailors?

Master in Business = In best US seminars

The oil prices = Politics here

Japan's death toll = A planet had jolts

Antonio Banderas = O, one star in a band!

The Michelin stars = Hints richest meal

Fukushima nuclear plant = F**k up, hurt all Asian men!

Minister Ya'alon = Israel, my nation = National misery

Obama declares himself candidate for re-election = Fatherland, once more! Democratic lead is feasible!

The whodunit = Who hunted it?

Whodunit = Wound, hit ...

The synagogues = Gen: Goys hate us

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex [book without any text inside] = Man hankers but for sex (improve at that way) = No text (Ah, rakish empty wet man favours bar!)

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss = Twins: Conversely, 'No deal, Mark!"

Is the president of the Czech Republic a pen stealer? = Therefore, citizens (the public) peep leader's snatch

The battle for Libya = Be ally of that tribe = Ah, battle of liberty!

Staphylococcus aureus = A cuss at you...Help! Succor!

Liberty alliance = Call entire Libya!

Rockabilly style = Best; lyrically OK

Deadly tornadoes = O, destroyed a land!

'Hold It Against Me'" = Let a hot maid sing! = Lad, I'm hot! (teasing)

The official royal wedding list = Rigidly follow it, find each seat

The Royal Couple: Prince William and Kate Middleton = Two, tumidly married, like place in the London palace

Death of bin Laden = End of a blind hate

US forces killed Osama bin Laden = Skillful Americans; one s.o.b. dead

Real pundit = Prudential

The monosodium glutamate = Oh, go mum, don't use it at meal!

Sarah Burton, the royal wedding dress designer = Gown's author dressed a bride in her grand style

A literary pseudonym = Dispel your arty name = I.e. arty/proud/sly name

A prostate = Arse at top

Model Elisabetta Canalis = So, belle Italian dame acts

A precious metal = Some Au particle = Prime Au (etc. also)

The married couple Rose Pollard and Forrest Lunsway = Amour for teens: such old pair, really old partners wed

The sectarian = Heart in caste

Osama Bin Laden = Bold man in a sea

The Spain, Barcelona = Catalonians b.p. here

Real actors = Oscar, later

The 'Cold Meat Industry' = Dealt hot, trendy music

'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' = Picaroons fantasies 'grab' better in three D

Wet dream = Drew mate

Bernardo Bertolucci 'Ultimo tango a Parigi' = Plot: Brando - coital guru, Maria - erotic being

The politician = I in plot, I cheat = O, I pathetic nil!

Nickname of Paris - The City of Lights = O, is French capital sky of nighttime!

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni = I on huge oil-color icons, I'm David in marble too

Martin Scorsese = So, it's a Mr. Screen!

Harold Egbert Camping = The glam END or big crap?

Eric Patrick Clapton = It a clip, park concert... = I clip concert at park

Angela Dorothea Merkel = Took real German lead, eh = O, OK! The real German lead!

Sean Kingston [fat singer] = One 'tank' sings

Diplomatic relations = O damn, it's realpolitic!

Michael Sylvester Stallone = Let's call sly Vietnam heroes! = Call 'sly-steel' Vietnam's hero = Style? Shall master violence! = The cinema star, sells lovely = He's levelly-lost cinema star

Don Corleone = No one colder

Vito Corleone = Root violence = O, violent core!

Minerals = Real Si, Mn...

Tornadoes = No rest, ado

Endeavour ends final mission with the smooth landing = So, main shuttle now home and finished in doing travels

The nuclear power = New help - U-reactor

Peter Iroga of the Solomon Islands [biggest feet in the world] = Oh, go on, pal airs solid monster feet!

A sculpture = Sure cut, pal = Real cuts up

Sting And The Police = Apt, nice, golden hits = Poetic England hits = Top in his elegant CD

Israeli government = A revenger, no limits

The Israeli government = Ah, stern violent regime!

Monster Arizona wildfire threatens line of mountain towns = Ministrations time now - all zone was under threat of inferno Claude Monet's series of 'Water Lilies' = Delicate flowers lie on stream issue = U see master's delicate flowers in oil

He slept with her and her, and her = Ha! The shrewd philanderer, then

The 'Gay Girl in Damascus' = Such damaging, stray lie

The first total lunar eclipse of the year = Earth truly tips on face of her satellite

Very nice solo album = Music by lover, alone

Afghanistan troop drawdown = Adopt 'No war!' and 'No war fights!'

'Saturday Night Fever' - the original movie sound-track = Younger kid Travolta, him dancing over feature's hits

Deforestation = Toasted on fire? = O, fit on a desert!

Ben-Gurion = One big run

Hotel California = O, a nice hit for all! = One fair local hit

Ratko Mladic = I'm a dark clot = Dark-aim clot

A Freedom Flotilla = More aid of all Left

'I need a dollar' [song] = Deal dire loan

Search for tequila = Chase after liquor

Inheritance = Ancient heir

The penalties = Settle pain, eh = Let's pain thee

Bethanie Lynn Mattek-Sands = The bland Yanks tennis team = Ken, had many tennis battles = Talent; makes tennis by hand

Trabajo = Art? A job!

'Electric Light Orchestra' band = All graced the British concert = Recall big-hits-thread concert? = Call gathered British concert

'Don't Leave Me This Way' = My love awaits the end?

'Hold It Against Me' = It's gal-made-hit, no?

Peter Falk as Columbo = O, masterful bleak cop! = Famous Lt. (bleaker cop)

Volcano Erupts in the Central Indonesia = i.e. Cone-center spits hot lava on land. I run

Is western democracy alive in Egypt? = Cairo new system angrily deceptive

Turkey insists on apology to normalize Israel ties = i.e. Zion must tell, noisily, to Ankara 'Sorry', stop siege

Village People, 'In the navy' = Appealing, even lovely, hit

'You Can't Stop the Music' = You must set phonic act

'Waterloo' by the Swedish group Abba = Two babes & boys reap huge old war hit

'Kings of Leon' [one family rock band] = One-folk sing

The National Basketball Association = Aha, attention, it a 'All-Black obsession'!

Hot weather = The heat-row

The Mubarak's trial = Air the brutal mask!

True economic recovery = i.e. To overcome currency

Pavonine = Vain, open

Anserine = Er...insane

Singer Andrea Bocelli = Recognise a real blind

Arnold George Dorsey alias Engelbert Humperdinck = Good old singer. Legend, put - shiny remarkable career

Enrique Iglesias = I a sequel-singer, I

Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler = I sing regularly (I prime sequel, see)

The Biblical inspirations = Rabbi's lithe lips in action

The Metropolitan Police Service = Teach people: Violent riots - crime!

Cholera Outbreaks Spread Across Somalia = Disease hurts a poor black-color mass area

The hurricane Irene = Her ire can ruin thee

'Time to say goodbye' = Today? O, time goes by!

'The Gulag Archipelago' = A huge tragic gaol. Help! = Huge gaol; graphic tale

Emasculation = Cut one salami

The McDonald's restaurant = Dr.: A stunned stomach alert! = Such rotten, standard meal

Sarah Louise Heath Palin = Hail, hail eh? Not a USA Pres.!

A TV show 'Wheel of Fortune' = Wow, have lots of fun there!

You don't belong here = End trouble, honey. Go!

Asteroid to narrowly miss Earth = A disaster nearly hits tomorrow Israeli Navy Boards Boats Bound for Gaza = No doubt, Zion ably ravages aids for Arabs

The actor Laurence Olivier = Occur in a live theatre role

Coldplay 'Paradise' = i.e. Lads do play crap

British Monarchy = Ah, my rich Britons! = My, this baron rich!

The Global Positioning System = Lost? Sighing? Listen to map & obey!

Gilad Shalit is free = He's glad, fit Israeli

Tropical islands = All is in postcard = Local spirit, sand...

The tropical islands archipelago = Nice, hot hot girls! Paradisal place!

Sperm donation = One imports DNA

Georgios Papandreou = Europe-gang aids poor

Bill and Hillary Clinton = I call it Horny 'n' All Blind

Teenagers' faces = Age festers acne

A see-through lingerie = Oh, agree, nighties lure!

A bull in a china shop = Ouch! Pain in balls! Ah!

Miss Angola Leila Lopes = O, a gal pleases millions!

'No games, no politics, no delays' = As one slogan: 'Once, simply do it!'

The E-coli outbreak = Trouble: I eat, choke...

A lonely housewife = Uh, fellow, I easy one!

The "God Particle" mystery = Get my secret? Ah, pity! (Lord)

The Facebook fans = Batch of fake ones

Tens of thousands of protesters pressure Putin = These students offer no support to Russian Pres.

The George Lucas Star Wars movies ~ Came with several gorgeous stars

Iran court sentences American to death = Tehran to a decent man: 'Our secrets in CIA?'

The most beautiful girl = To us - right-built female

Italy cruise ship 'Costa Concordia' = Chaos, corpses, a loud cry. Titanic II?

Reverse play = Verse replay

Recipes = Re: spice

Egyptian court continues trial of Mubarak = Prosecution back in to maul a tyrant figure

Gloria Marie Steinem [feminist] = i.e. Tie - girl or man SAME! = A tiresome girlie, man = To me, marriage is line = I'm same one irate girl

Rick Santorum = Mr. Crank is out!

Mr. Penis = Spermin'

Bashar Assad = Has Arabs sad

The Beatles "Yellow submarine" = My heart below blue silent sea

Rowan Sebastian Atkinson (Mr. Bean) = A nitwit, bananas. Man so berserk, no? = See a born artist. I'm known bananas

'Sports Illustrated' = Loud starlets strip = Top stars. Still rude

Whitney Houston, superstar of records, films, dies = A terse End of the Show. Loss for music industry. RIP

Valentine Day card = Evidently a canard

Tu Bishvat holiday [Jewish New Year of the Trees] = Hi, bush vital today!

Ruined teeth 'n' canals? = The dental insurance!

The poseur = Posture, eh

The Obama's birth control policy = Catholics, abortion thy problem?

An unemployment report = True, man, plenty poor men!

'War Horse' = Rare show!

Hague fears Iran could start 'new Cold War' = Accuser: Tehran is awful, a danger to world

Anthony Shadid, Reporter = That one had sorry end. RIP.

"Disturbing" study finds nineteen percent of the teens drive after using marijuana = Every fifth junior uses drugs during ride?... Instant penitence and finest abatement!

All you ever wanted = A new lady...true love!

Egomania = O, me, again!

The ladies' corsets = Let's aid sore chest

Nuclear negotiations with Iran = No cure in isolating Tehran? Wait!

A jowl = Lo, jaw!

Nehru-Gandhi families = Indians rule. High fame

The motion picture 'A Beautiful Mind' = O, impute it to deceitful human brain!

The Encyclopedia Britannica will no longer be printed = Cannot print & charge. Will be replaced by online edition.

Santorum = A nostrum

Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean = Hi, fine Captain Cameron can reach it!

Lofty = To fly

Burma elections = Troubles came in = O, misrule can't be!

[Bin Laden's wives] Kharia Hussain Sabir, Siham Sharif and Amal Ahmad Abdul Fateh = Ah, familiar shaikh Bin Laden had us (as surah) - Arab-faith madams!

What happens after we die? = Safe pew with harp at Eden = Few rap, weep in that Hades

The silicon breast = O, elite chests in bra!

The brassiere = It's her bra, see

Pleasures = Are pluses

Egypt's Presidential Elections = No perils - settles peace, dignity

President Barack Obama's administration = Americans in prostration. Bad, bad mistake!

The Iran nuclear talks = Attack's near? Ruin, hell!

Non-violence works = Reckon - love wins, no?

Walt Disney's motion picture 'Mary Poppins' = I, prim polite nanny, support domestic ways

The movie 'Wanderlust' = Theme: Tour, view lands

Stallone in 'Rambo' movies = Violent man's role (I am s.o.b.)

Truvada (Gilead Sciences Incorporated) = Ordered top vaccine against cruel AIDS

'The sound of silence' = Let end of such noise

Walt Disney's movie Pinocchio = Wood-chips toy lives in cinema

The Walt Disney's Pinocchio = This chap - tiny wooden slice

Yad Vashem holocaust memorial = Huh, local aim to save sad memory

The National Weight-Loss Plan = Thin/lean - no' pigs', total 'whales'

President-elect Francois Hollande = France dispelled rotten Nicolas, eh

Obstetrician = I notice brats

Path of least resistance = Easiest plan for the acts

Planet Bollywood = One lowly, bad plot

"Diapers and politicians should be changed often -- both for the same reason." = No sham - shit is shit! Unappealing fecal odor, bad scent, and therefore booed.

Stupefaction = Inept at focus

Singer Joshua Ledet = Judge: "This one's REAL!

Dancing with the stars = Scan the hard twisting

'Madame Bovary' = O, very 'bad mama'!

Saturday Night Live = Arty laugh inside TV = Try a laugh inside TV

Done! = O, end!

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