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This week's theme: Words that have many unrelated meanings

os (aws) noun [plural ora]

1. A mouth or an orifice.
[From Latin os (mouth).]

os (aws) noun [plural ossa]

2. A bone.
[From Latin os (bone).]

os (oas) noun [plural osar]

3. An esker: a long, serpentine ridge of gravel formed by a stream flowing in or under a glacial ice sheet.
[From Swedish ås (ridge).]

It also appears as an abbreviation in many fields, including
Chemistry: Os - symbol for the element osmium
Computing: OS - Operating System
Pharmacy: OS - left eye (from Latin oculus sinister)
Linguistics: OS - Old Saxon

"Naturally, the students couldn't resist testing the teachers' knowledge. 'You'd better slow down,' they would tell some unsuspecting pedagogue, 'or you might fall and break your os.'"
D.L. Stanley; I Hope This Doesn't Effectuate Your Dudgeon; Atlanta Inquirer (Georgia); Nov 16, 1996.

See more usage examples of os in Vocabulary.com's dictionary.


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