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fastuous (FAS-choo-uhs) adjective

1. Haughty; arrogant.

2. Pretentious.

[From Latin fastuosus, from fastus (arrogance).]

"(John) Ray analysed the distinctive characteristics of the Italians: They are ingenious, apprehensive of anything, and quick witted ... a still quiet people, as being naturally melancholy; of a middle temper, between the fastuous gravity of the Spaniard, and unquiet levity of the French ..." Robert Illiffe, Foreign Bodies, Canadian Journal of History (Saskatoon), Dec 1998.

This week's theme: You guess the theme.

This week's words have been ecdemic, anopsia, deflagrate, insomnolent, and fastuous. What's their common bond? If you believe you know the answer, send it to garg AT wordsmith.org.


Every man is the son of his own works. -Miguel de Cervantes, novelist (1547-1616)

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