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This week's theme: Words related to eating and drinking

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postprandial (post-PRAN-dee-uhl) adjective

After a meal, especially dinner.

[From Latin post- (after) + prandium (meal). Ultimately from Indo-European root ed- (to eat or to bite) that has given other words such as edible, comestible, obese, etch, and fret.]

Two siblings of this word are preprandial (before a meal) and prandial (relating to a meal).

"A plate of the fashion petits fours accompanied Mrs. Barsky's postprandial iced cappuccino."
Rebecca Mead; Off the Runway; The New Yorker (New York); Feb 6, 2005.

"There (in France) it (cognac) is still seen as a conservative postprandial tipple enjoyed by elderly bourgeois males."
Susan Bell; Beau Selecteur; Scotland on Sunday (Edinburgh); Feb 6, 2005.

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