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anent (uh-NENT) preposition

Regarding, concerning, about.

[From Middle English, from Old English on efen (on even).]

"Our experience with Mr. Estrada validates the analysis on the flaw in the Constitution anent the term of office of the Chief Executive - six years is just too short for a good president (like Fidel V. Ramos) - and too long! for a bad one like President Estrada."
Rick B. Ramos; To Take a Stand: Disenchantment; BusinessWorld (Manila, Philippines); Apr 5, 2000.

"In the case of Citibank, the subsidiary of Citicorp, which is itself to be cocooned in Citigroup, the money trail has actually been excavated to a certain degree, anent the escapades of Raúl Salinas, a k a Mr. Ten Percent, brother of Carlos Salinas, former president of Mexico."
Alexander Cockburn; Beat the Devil: Banks, Drugs and Marriage; The Nation (New York); May 4, 1998.

This week's theme: words derived from Old English.


When two elephants fight it is the grass that gets trampled. -African proverb

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