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Mar 4, 2004
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Words for body parts used figuratively

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with Anu Garg


(PAL-muh-ree) Pronunciation

adjective: Of supreme importance; outstanding; praiseworthy.

[From Latin palmarius (deserving or carrying the palm), from palma (palm). The branches of the palm tree were carried as symbols of victory in ancient times. The name of the palm tree derives from the resemblance of the shape of its frond to the palm of a hand.]

"The first edition of the Horace, we learn, was carelessly printed and proof-read, and Rudd has been able to make some palmary emendations."
Richard Jenkyns; The Poetical Works of Christopher Smart; The Review of English Studies (Oxford, UK); May 1998.

"From every point of view the Essays are of quite outstanding importance and interest; from that of the present discussion they are of palmary significance."
Basil Willey; Nineteenth Century Studies; Coleridge to Matthew Arnold; 1948.


You have to hold your audience in writing to the very end -- much more than in talking, when people have to be polite and listen to you. -Brenda Ueland, writer (1891-1985)

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