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elevenses (i-LEV-uhn-ziz) noun

A midmorning break for refreshments taken between breakfast and lunch, usually around 11am.

[Double plural of eleven, perhaps as ellipsis of eleven hours (eleven o'clock).]

"There at Delecta Dyer's elevenses became his (Geoff Dyer's) heaven, so much the focus of his life that impatiently he took his elevenses earlier and earlier until they were finished by 8.45am and the day lay before him, empty as a donut hole, all happiness shot." Anne Simpson; President Who Needs a Wooster to Get Out of Bed; The Herald (Glasgow, Scotland); Feb 21, 2005.

"And if you really must stay for a bite of lunch after you've finished off your elevenses, there are sandwiches, salads, and soups freshly prepared each day." Dottie Evans; You Can Taste The Bean At Mocha Coffeehouse; Newtown Bee (Connecticut); Feb 10, 2005.

This week's theme: words related to the number eleven.


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