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eighty-six (AY-tee SIKS) verb tr., also 86

1. To throw out; discard; reject.

2. To refuse to serve (a customer).


Sold-out (of an item).


An undesirable customer, one who is denied service.

[Perhaps rhyming slang for nix.]

"He says the show will go on next month, though scheduling conflicts may move it to another hotel and the band may be eighty-sixed." Zan Dubin; Clubs in and Around Orange County; The Los Angeles Times; Jun 19, 1997.

"David enlists the help of his friend Richard Lewis to buy a bracelet for his wife from a jewelry store that 86ed him." Melanie McFarland; `Curb' Built on `Seinfeld' Legacy; The Seattle Times; Oct 13, 2000.

This week's theme: numeric terms.


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