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Nauruan (nah-OO-roo-uhn) adjective

Of or relating to Nauru, an island country of the central Pacific Ocean just south of the equator and west of Kiribati.


A native or inhabitant of Nauru.

(The word Nauruan has the distinction of being the only nationality word that's a palindrome. -Anu)

"Nauru is a very small island down toward the Australian quadrant of the Pacific Ocean, and Nauruan for Nauruan, it may be the richest country in the world, thanks entirely to an enormous mound of bird droppings that form a great plateau in the center of the island. This pile has been mined for phosphate, used as fertilizer, for most of this century." Island Of Nauru Backs Musical To Save Its Economy, Weekend Edition - Saturday (NPR), 5 Jun 1993.

This week's theme: words to describe people from particular places.


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