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Saturnian (suh-TUR-nee-uhn) adjective

1. Relating to the planet Saturn.
2. Relating to the Roman god Saturn or the golden age of his reign.
3. Resembling the golden age, peaceful, happy, content.

[From Latin Saturnius (of Saturn). Don't confuse this word with two other words coined after Saturn: saturnine (sullen, gloomy), and Saturnalian (relating to Saturnalia, the festival of Saturn in ancient Rome, marked by unrestrained revelry).]

"His editorial reign, as one looks back upon it, was not so much Capuan as Saturnian."
Bliss Perry; Thomas Bailey Aldrich; 20th Century.

"Of generous boys in happiness thus bred --
Saturnians through life's Tempe led ..."
Herman Melville; On the Slain Collegians; 19th Century.

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