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liniment (LIN-uh-ment) noun

A liquid preparation (having camphor, alcohol, etc.) for rubbing into the skin to relieve pain or stiffness of a joint.

[From Middle English, from Late Latin linimentum (ointment), from Latin linere (to smear). Ultimately from Indo-European root lei-/slei- (slimy) that's also the source of such words as slime, lime, slick, slippery, schlep, and oblivion.]

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"As a boy, he (Brett Kirk) remembers sitting on the change room floor beside his dad. The smell of sweat and liniment was heavy in his nostrils and he was surrounded by game-weary, sturdy country footballers and their grubby boots." Jessica Halloran; Kirk Takes Dad's Inspirational Mantra All the Way to Finals; The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia); Sep 4, 2004.

"Grills flaming behind the terrace, popcorn spewing from the kettles, barbecue sauce wafting along with stale beer and smoke, and sweating horses swabbed in pungent liniment." Cliff Guilliams; Under Our Skin, Ellis Ends Again; Evansville Courier & Press (Indiana); Sep 6, 2004.

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