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May 2002


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AWAD in News

A warm welcome to everyone who joined since the last update including those who came as a result of stories in the following publications:

  • Reader's Digest, February 2002
  • Wired, February 2002
  • The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), January 27, 2002

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How Many People Receive A.Word.A.Day

More than 520,000 people in at least 210 countries receive AWAD daily. Check out the table with the distribution of addresses by domain name, flags of the countries, longest and shortest email addresses and other assorted stats. (it's a large document).

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Email Address of the Month AWArD

This month the AWArD goes to,

i_am_god@atheist.co.uk (Beth)

If you know of an unusual email address that is funny or clever, you are welcome to email (words AT wordsmith.org) to send your nomination.

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Add AWAD to Your Web Site

Now with a single line of HTML code you can make the daily word appear on your own Web page.

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AWAD Licensing

You can license AWAD for your newspaper or magazine. EMail (words AT wordsmith.org).

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AWAD Sponsorship

To sponsor one of our mailings, email (sponsor AT wordsmith.org)>.

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  • AWAD is created by Anu Garg.

  • Tip o' the hat to Todd J. Derr for care and feeding the server and keeping it running smoothly (thus providing an exception to Murphy's Law).

  • Thanks to Stuti Garg of Namix for recording word pronunciations in her canorous voice.

  • Thanks to Eric Shackle, copy editor par excellence, for making sure all i's are dotted and t's crossed. The February edition of his free e-book has stories about the world's first crossword puzzle, and the President's Pretzel Problem.

  • Special thanks to all the linguaphiles who have joined and made AWAD what it is.

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Contributing to AWAD

This is a reader-supported publication. Your contribution is welcome.

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