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Anagrams for: liberal

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Recently, I was asked if I was going to fire an employee who made a mistake that cost the company $600,000. No, I replied, I just spent $600,000 training him. Why would I want somebody to hire his experience? -Thomas J. Watson, industrialist (1874-1956)

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27 found. Displaying all:
Bear Ill
Brae Ill
Bare Ill
Lab Lire
Lab Rile
Alb Lire
Alb Rile
Ball Ire
Earl Lib
Real Lib
Ear Bill
Are Bill
Era Bill
Air Bell
All Bier
All Brie
A Be Rill
A Bill Re
A Rib Ell
Ball Re I
Bar Ell I
Bra Ell I
La Lib Re
La Rib El
All Bi Re

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